Entry for 19 May 2007

Hi World

These are the reasons that I decided homeschooling was the only option for us here in the 3rd world…. To go into details of the education system in this country would take forever, but can be found on my homepage at http://www.staidenshomeschool.com

In my wisdom or otherwise I decided that I would be better equipped to educate my children rather than the public school system in South Africa. School fees are astronomical, in addition theft, crime, rape, additional expenses such as uniforms (which have to be replaced constantly due to theft) stationery, which also has to be replaced almost weekly due to theft, and since we have deadbeat dads in this country who rely on the every-so-slow and inadequate maitnenace and child support system no financial help was forthcoming. The cultural differences apart the entire education system is nationally corrupt and makes headlines throughout the world. No money to help out to pay for children’s education but put aside R3 million to built a sports field for the “previously disadvantaged” which no doubt will be burnt down, vandalised and destroyed like all the schools that have been burnt down, vandalised and are now left in ruins – hence no space in public schools for fee-paying families… *don’t get me started*

Well it’s been a challenge, and what wonderful results. My daughters Savannah and Clarissa have flourished, they are doing curriculum I purchased in USA$ and GBP which while the rand is so incredibly weak and getting weaker cost a fortune but have increased the self-confience of the children. One in five kids in public schools here now contract life-threatening TB which is just one other aspect we have to deal with daily. Private schools cost more than the average man’s annual salary so that is not an option…

I will write shorter sections on how we have progressed, how I have adapted the curriculum to suit SA standards and where these FREE units can be obtained – share and share alike. If I can make one person’s life easier then my work has been done…. I know my children have benefitted and judging by the emails I receive a number of other families who have opted to homeschool have benefitted from my work… Admittedly I do “borrow” ideas but try to be as original and creative as possible… Right let me see how this blogging thing works, this is my first post out of about 7 blogs that I have and I am new so all help would be appreciated….

Best wishes Donnette

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