St Aidens Homeschooling in South Africa

St Aidens – Home – Homeschooling in South Africa

Hello World

Firstly a huge thank you to those people who have taken the time to join our mailing lists and voted for us at the top sites featured on our pages… It gives great encouragement that the resources that we spend so many hours creating are being used to good effect and the fact that all resources are FREE makes our task that much more enjoyable…

Just another little update as I am going through my OCD function today and instead of earning a living I am concentrating on educating my children and spreading teh word about homeschooling and the absolute advantages it has for our wonderful offspring – especially in South Africa…

Today my creative half *Monique* – my best friend, ally, tormentor, surrogate mother (she held my hand once crossing the street when we were in Ireland together – and she’s younger than me* provided me with the most amazing material which I will upload to the site if Hellkom – I mean Telkom will allow the server to stay on long enough…

Included in the updates are mazes, Disney & fairy tales activities and puzzles (great for fine & gross motor skills) galleries and clip art, massive array of Father’s Day activities, arts & crafts… Being in South Africa we miss out on a lot of thematic units but as those of you who know me *and my big mouth and excessively fast fingers* I try to post as much information on other countries and their themes holidays etc, so please check back for more updates…

I have included a 2007 educators calendar which will give an indication of mainly USA holidays but I will adapt as I go along to include those from Europe & Africa…

Arts & Crafts I have included (and hopefully will be able to publish tonight) many pages on the history creation and printing of paper dolls of all kinds… These are fun and the kids will enjoy cutting them out and dressing them up… Concentration game cards are updated weekly on various themes but I will send this out in newsletters…

Please join our interactive email forum where we can send through lesser sized files and commuunicate through email to one another – trust me – if ever we need to let off steam it’s a good place to start… Plus we get the added advantage of gaining the power of knowledge from other homeschoolers…

Also new games and links and resources have been added, so I hope you will find time to enjoy them as well as the additions to curriculum and poetry, songs and music. Health as always is important and I have updated those pages. Family Law in South Africa (pet hate being deadbeat dads) is also gaining momentum and you will have access to the greatest fundi in the USA on our parents pages…

Right that’s me for now, will mail some more on my horrendous day in the 3rd world when I have bathed fed and bedded the little ones… Take care to all of you, keep in touch

Fond greetings always

Donnette & Monique

PS No spell check – Aiden needs to bath… sorry for spelling errors – will do it next time *promise*

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