Entry for 27 May 2007 – WHY AM I BATTLING TO UPLOAD MUSIC?

Morning World – good afternoon world – I have lost track of time…. Between servers local and international going down I spent until 4 a.m. trying to get my fave videos and music into these blogs etc. & failed miserably…. Am including a picture of a sunny day in SA of which we had many, last summer being the hottest in decades, but the last 4 days have brought frost snow and ice and sleeping with overcoats on, burning hands on heaters next to beds and wearing 3 pairs of socks while failing miserably to upload music… Westlife of course… and videos of my precious Aiden… Now sunny day reminds me of a year or two ago when I was footloose and fancy free and didn’t really have the problem of deadbeat dads as I do now… new story completely….

All I really want to know while sitting here with numb fingers is how to upload music and videos into this page… that’s it, not a huge request but being technically challenged I am having great difficulty… I also believe according to a little notice on my screen that I should upload photo albums… now that’s a wonderful idea, but with all the error messages I keep getting will it work? hmmmm we’ll try – and then maybe I will actually update the education / homeschooling website after which my beloved Aiden is named and for which it was necessary as a result of deadbeat dads

Am actually really tired, 1643 unread mails in my inbox – managed to get them down to 240 somewhat by this morning but eyes are sore and not looking very pretty at all… perhaps will try the photo thing now. Am desperately seeeking a beautiful video that was made of Aiden shortly after his birth to the music of You Raise Me Up sung by Westlife but cannot find it on any of these computers in this place… ummmmmmmmmmmm Mo, I might need you to forward me a copy please hunny… right, speak later, off to see about the music and pictures….

Bye for now



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