Entry for 30 May 2007 11.30 pm

Hi World, 11.30 pm Tuesday night, burnt the dogs’ food, ran the bath over did about 7 million loads of laundry today… Not feeling enthusiasric inspired or terribly excited by anything or anyone. Aiden is still up – he senses the anxiety I am feeling but don’t have any rhyme or reason why…

Spent a fair amount of time on my educational sites today, shuffling papers on my desk pretending to be absorbed in what I was doing… After giving it some thought decided this blogging wasn’t really for me… I love what I do, I love my children and I love the education sites that I create and visit and participate in, and I love some of the new friends that I have met but heck!!!! What on earth would someone be sending me porn requests? What a downer!!! I don’t think I really need the world to know what’s happening in my life or not happening in my life, simple really, my profile says it all. Single mother of 6, no relationship for over 2 years, homeschooling, self-employed when not looking after kids, playing taxi, not sure about having this whole book bit written about me either…. Have to put this in here because this entry will update all the other blogs as well and I have made specific not-so-pleasant reference to certain persons who despite their not having been mentioned will know who they are and really, do I care???? Like does anyone really care? Does anyone care that S Africa is almost a redundant country and that is probably one of the most unsafe places to be? NAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! They don’t and actually nor do I today…

To all the genuine folk out there who have made friend requests, great, to anyone who clearly doesn’t share in my interests please don’t waste my time or yours…. There are a million other people that would love to see what you have on offer over the internet…. I did the whole internet dating thing and it resulted in a never-ending obsession with someone living on another continent which ultimately produced my beautiful son Aiden – sadly for the whole bunch of us we are on different sides of the galaxy and it was never to be….

That’s my gripe for today… Mailbox filled with inappropriate requests…

Have yourselves a great evening whatever you are up to

3 Responses to “Entry for 30 May 2007 11.30 pm”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Geez u sound realy pd off. Where abouts in SA are u? I homeschool my son as well, its hard. U homeschool 6 kids? That must be crazy.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    HIYA Margo M, aaah i go through phases, the 2 oldest are out of school, 3rd in varsity after achieving really well in matric and 3 little ones at home with me, homeschooling… Yeah I get peed off with the current situation in SA, I am in PMBurg, it’s darn frustrating with the crime situation as it is, the lack of justice (i’m in criminal law) and of course the child support laws are horrendous!! No justice, corruption sky high, inflation and you name it… aaaaaaah where’s the knight in shining armour tocart us all away on his 6 or 7 white horses?
    Where abouts are you? Nice to hear from you, speak sson

  3. OMG i love that I can import Yahoo 360 into WP..

    Jeez did i REALLY get that mad? WOWSA

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