Hi all, the following activities have been uploaded into the photo
album section…. We are running out of space in the main “Files”
section so please be sure to take what you need as we will be
deleting older material to make way for newer material soon…

ABC Matching Game
Mother’s Day
Father’s Day
St Patrick’s Day

These and many others can be found on under either the concepts/Puzzles
section, Pre-K section or Kids Fun Pages, the directions in the site
will take you to where you need to be. There is also a full section
devoted entiresly to FULL COLOUR & ACTIVITY WORKBOOKS which is on a
separate page. There is an activity directory which will link you to
these pages…. ummmm, think that’s it for now… Have a great
weekend. If there’s anything you don’t see here or on the main site
that you feel would benefit you or your child, please send me a mail
and we’ll be sure to do our best to get it made for you… For mums
I have included a Cookery/Recipe Section where I have uploaded some
Royalty Free e-books.

New updates to the main site will be sent out this weekend to both
members of St Aiden’s Home Education & Activities and to our Yahoo
Group so everyone will be kept updated…

Sav is very into Disney at the moment so many Disney goodies coming
your way… And also I promised to ask Monique to make concentration
cards with cards and “little things” for little people… Perhaps we
can upload that this weekend as well. For older children I am
working on e-workbooks for language and arts and perhaps some more
wordsearches. I am also focusing on World Environment Day on 06 June
for which I already have a massive amount of information and
activities for you…

Right, that’s me out of breath.. Doey cooked dinner tonight, sausage
& chips… We have eaten the chips, the sausages are still
cooking… lol 🙂

Speak soon,
Enjoy your weekend
Donnette & Monique

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  1. haaaaaaaaahahahaha doey cooked dinner LOL.. this is amazing!! online diary.. so cool that WP saved our years of memories x

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