Westlife – The Official Website

Westlife – The Official Website

2007 – June

Dublin Review

Thanks for all of your reviews of Westlife’s 3rd May Dublin show.
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What a night to end the tour with!! From the moment I walked down the
aisle to my first ever front row seat I felt the buzz of the fans as
they prepared to end the tour in style. The music stopped,the house
lights went off and the drop of the curtain was met with screams.
Then the piano kicked in and Shane’s voice filled The Point. As they
were lowered down on their sun circle for the very last time, the
four of them beamed with happiness!

Then it was time for an uptempo! The lads ran to different sides of
the stage and the crowd jumped to their feet for When You’re Looking
Like That. Shane was right in front of me and because he is my
favourite it was amazing to see him a couple of feet away from
me…even more so when he did his naughty dance with that lucky mic
stand The lads all made it back to the the centre of the stage again
for If I Let You Go and the crowd were made sit down lol As the lads
swayed from side to side the crowd clapped their hands to one of
Westlife’s old hits!

The stage turned to darkness. Then the spotlight shone on Nicky. He
said hello to Georgina and her dad. Then he talked about how the
point is getting closed down to be done up and that he can’t wait to
see us all there next year in a bigger and better point!! Then he
introduced David Gest to come and sing on stage with them for Mandy.
David looked like he was loving it and the lads couldn’t stop
laughing at him especially Shane who stopped singing at the start
because he was too busy laughing..lol.

The lads ran off stage for a costume change. It felt like ages
because I knew Shane was going to come out in front of me.He slowly
walked out and the fans gave him a massive cheer. He started into You
Are So Beautiful and was later joined by Mark. Once again the two of
them did a fab job of it and it just goes to show that they can

Nicky and Kian came back on stage and the lads performed more songs!
Kian made his speech and said how him and the other boys have played
70 nights in The Point and thanked us for that. The lights dimmed and
they headed off for another costume change. Then the screen was
filled with the words ‘THE MEDLEY’ and the crowd jumped up!! The lads
came down the stairs and with balls of flames started Backstreet
Boys…seeing Shane doing the ‘am I sexual dance’ a couple of feet
away from me was too much for me and I froze and didnt get a pic..lol

Then it was on to the rest of the medley and you could see by their
dancing that they were still loving this part of the show even after
touring so many places!! They came out after the medley in their black
(or as Shane likes to call them their navy) suits…lol to sing
Unbreakable, Fool Again and one of my favourites World Of Our Own.

Mark then said that this has been an amazing tour because they got to
go to Australia and South Africa and many other places but also
because it was the tour that Nicky became a daddy to Rocco and Jay
and Nicky just gave him a smile over with a tear in his eye. Shane
made a lovely speech and said hi to his parents and that they had to
be there because they couldn’t miss the last night…lol He also said
hi to all of Sligo who was sitting on the right side of The Point. He
thanked the fans and asked us all to get out our mobile phones or a
lighter or even bunny ears…lol and wave them in the air for You
Raise Me Up. I looked back from the front row and saw what the lads
saw every night,the amazing sight of thousands of little lights!

They disappeared back into the stage and the crowd started to
chant ‘WE WANT MORE’ while a few girls near me started to chant ‘WE
WANT SHANE’ lol. The music for Flying Without Wings came on (our
chanting worked lol) and the lads appeared from under the stage. The
fans sang along with Shane and you could see how happy all four of
them were.

It was onto the last song of the night,and of The Love Tour 2007.
They introduced The Rose and I held up my banner for Shane knowing it
was my last chance to get his attention! When Mark was singing my
banner caught Shane’s eye and he started to read it but couldn’t read
it all so I ran up to the barrier and he read the rest. He smiled and
laughed and gave me a thumb up with that famous Shane wink! I was
delighted and had never felt so happy in my life. When I went to take
a picture of him he saw my Shane t-shirt and smiled at my camera..my
favourite ever picture now!

The Rose came to an end and all the lads went to the centre of the
stage and gave each other hugs saying that’s it… the end of the
Love Tour. They walked back up the steps for the last time and
gradually disappeared into the stage. Nicky threw his jacket into the
air and it landed on Shane’s head…lol then all the lads started to
jump up and down as it lowered. Shane’s hand stayed up until the very
end and all the fans waved goodbye. That was it. The Love Tour was
over. And they ended it with a fantasitc night. I just want to say
thank you Shane, Nicky, Mark and Kian for 5 fantasic nights, I
enjoyed it so much and thank you Shane for making my dreams come true
by giving me a wave. See you next year in a bigger and better Point
and no doubt more venues What a tour…

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