Environments, Minerals and Mining Ugh!! Entry for 06 June 2007

Hi World, ugh, don’t like those colours…. Let’s try this… mmmmmmmmmmm methinks I prefer it… Lovely day in the 3rd world today, winter has set in and despite the odd hot and humid day the last week or two have been pleasantly cool… in UK one would be running around in their swimsuits… Definitely thought I needed a break from World Encironment Day and of course National Yo-Yo Day which have taken up a good portion of this week’s searching and lessons, so spent a few hours playing in fairyland with prettier things than mine dumps and dredging machinery… 10.27 p.m. here and am contemplating yet one more cup of coffee, not a bad idea actually since I suffer with insomnia… no good at all for the nervous system I assure you…

Don’t even have too many gripes about S Africa today, not even when I saw today that the price of milk has climbed by 25% over the last week… Aaaah they told us with the new inflation figures beating the record inflation figures of each previous month that there would be increases, but to be paying nearly R6 a litre of milk is ridiculous… Petrol more than R7 a litre, I should be putting milk in the car – it would be cheaper…. For the uninitiated US$1,00 is worth probably around R7 or R8, 10 Euros or GBP18, take your pick… The average school leaver earns in the region of R2200 per month – IF HE/SHE CAN GET A JOB regardless of qualifications…. To get into university there are strict guidelines to be adgered to with the “minority” part of the country only being allowed to occupy 6% of the vacancies available… The balance has to be allocated to the “majority” part of the population…

There is very little difference in the workplace, assuming you are fortunate enough to be one of the 10% or so of the “minority” part that are allowed to fill a vacancy, particularly in Govt Departments, where they earn salaries previously unheard of, in the “old days” – which incidentally were before crime and corruption ran the country… No offence to our dear Madiba, Mr Nelson Mandela is one of my most adored heros… But he is not running the country presently, hence present situation… Students are unable to write mid-year exams because all teachers are on strike and have been for the last month or so, in fact all or most union-membered Govt employees are on strike because they are wanting a 12% wage increase over and above what they already get, together with medical aid, pension and other perks, which include using State vehicles as taxi businesses after hours… oh without authorisation of course, but who worries about that…. Now when these striking people don’t get what they demand – and they are p’d off because they didn’t get what they were promised in 1994, then they resort to violence and hundreds of innocent people suffer, those who actually realise that striking is actually just blackmail in disguise – not even in disguise actually, and that in any normal country in the world they wouldn’t have a darn job to go back to, hence the current critical economical situation in our country. Make no mistake they will go to great lengths to tell you that the country has never been more affluent… ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha for all those poor folk who are investing their $/Eiro’s/GBP in Cape Town and surrounds, beware! Land reclamation is happening and there is talk of appropriation of those properties belonging to non-residents of the country…. Um ermmmm where was I when they were talking about encouraging foreign investment?

Situation still the same in regards to the Child Maintenance Act which has been updated to include more remedies for mothers with children with deadbeats as fathers “donors” actually, because that’s all they are…Sadly the remedies don’t work because the Constitution makes them unconstitutional… WHO WANTS TO COME LIVE IN SOUTH AFRICA? I HAVE A NICE HOUSE IN A NICE AREA WITH A NICE POOL AND 4 NICE DOGS? I’LL DO A SWOP….

Right, Aiden at the other computer right now which means he will crash me shortly…. Will let off more steam soon I am sure…



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