Entry for 03 July 2007 Winter in the 3rd World

Runaway forest fires all but burnt down this side of the world last week, only to be followed by heavy snowfalls around the country and freezing weather, unseasonal even for mid-winter. This left the homeowner with 2 days of soot and ash blowing in the house and branches of the trees being blown in the very green pool. Ugh! Nastyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! The heavy snow was followed by high temperatures and then 2 more days of snow and cold… Not that we mind the snow and the cold, only we can’t quite figure out where we are in terms of keeping warm/cool and most days one is required to carry a suitcase of clothes to be prepared for anything. A better idea is just to stay inside the house and only venture out when the children demand food i.e. we are really hungry mom, any chance of getting some bread today? I have successfully managed to remain a hermit for a few months now, only leaving the house when it is absolutely necessary, and vital to the survival of my 18 & 20 yo daughters, and the 9 & 7 yo, like for example having to go out and get KFC or shoes… and of course bread and milk… I don’t even know why I am writing this today because I am so not in the mood for anything, I feel that I don’t even have the inspiration to download books…lol… that’s a baddddddddddd sign! Right I’m off… This is a picture of my precious son Aiden – he is eating sand because I was told i HAVE to let him play outside to build up his immune system, he went straight for the sand and water and created mud food fit for a king…

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Mo, I’m searchin’ for ya…

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