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Entry for 18 July 2007 – A response to Neill’s beautiful sound of light

Posted in donnette e davis on July 17, 2007 by Donnette E Davis

Absolutely fantastic Niell, those are some of the most beautiful words I have yet to read.
And I know that all consuming feeling. I felt it with all my children (there are 6) but strangely enough more so with Aiden who will be 2 in August.
Maybe it was because my pregnancy partner and birthing partner was my sister not Aiden’s father, maybe because the pregnancy was so traumatic that I was supposed to spend more time in bed than out, maybe because I drove myself to the hospital for the ceaser and drove myself home with this precious 2 day old baby, barely able to walk but desperately wanting to study every little piece of his minute body in the peace and sanctity of our home, maybe because when I came around from GA I heard the shocking news that my son had to be resucitated at birth, I don’t know.
What I do know is that when I was told at 8 weeks that he would not survive the viral meningitis he had contracted and I should just “hold my baby and love him” it was the most physically painful experience of my life, more painful than having to jump 1 storey out of my burning house and getting severely injured, more painful than anything I could imagine. I spent hours in the chapel at the hospital praying through tears, shouting, screaming, frantically wishing this was not happening…. at 2 a.m. the following morning as I watched this tiny little bundle, so terribly ill, he opened his eyes, and in the first time in a week he recognised me and gave me the weakest little smile. It was then I knew for sure that paying lip service to Our Father was not going to hack it – this entity, this person, OUR FATHER exists. He had heard and answered my prayers. Aiden is living proof of the existence of That Man!
When I look at my very lively healthy son today, when he is creating a work of art on the wall or door, or when he shakes his little finger at me and says “Don’t touch” it is not just a feeling I get, it is a complete contraction of myself, I can only stare in wonder at this perfect being that was created in love and survived through more difficulties in 2 years than many people experience in a lifetime. I am truly blessed, not only for having my son to love, but for all my beautiful children. I can only sometimes stare in wonder at the beautiful people they have become and are becoming, and I silently say a prayer of thanks when we are all safely together at the end of another day in our sad country.

Savannah asked me last night if it is difficult being a single parent to 6 children (I have been a single parent for most of their lives – Derek is now 24), she was thinking of the little girl who was hiding under my bed the other day, away from her mother who had beaten her, and she had run to my home for safety. Mum has become SS (suddenly single) after Dad left for Gauteng, leaving mum with the 4 children. Clearly mum is not coping after less than a month. I looked at Savannah and I said ummmmmm I only know how to be a single mother, I have always been a single mum. It is second nature to me, I know nothing else and although sometimes I yearn for the companionship of a partner, sometimes it would be great to share their everyday escapades with a significant other, sometimes I don’t make the right choices, sometimes the guidance I pray for and seek comes to me too late, I realise that my children have the best that life can offer them spiritually. They have me 100%, they are being raised according to chiristian principles and morals, and let me tell you it is by no means as boring as people would love to think. We have a happy contented, extremely noisy and busy household. We know our place. We do have a manly or father influence in our home. The man in our lives is the Lord, he is the only one who has time for any of us! And make no mistake – he has his hands full 🙂

Entry for 18 July 2007 – the beautiful sound of light by Neill

Posted in donnette e davis on July 17, 2007 by Donnette E Davis

From a dear net friend:
The Most Beautiful Sound (17 July 2007)
By A Daddy

This morning when holding my 18 day old son, I looked him in the eyes and said to him: I wonder whether anyone ever loved me the way I love you. Because if someone did, there is no need whatsoever for me to ever feel unwanted, illegitimate or unloved.

He just watched me – without saying a word.

I then blessed him with always having someone close to him who would love him, respect him and accept him and I blessed him with knowing that he was born for a purpose and that he will accomplish that which he was created for.

Later during the day I spoke to a friend who asked me whether we were getting enough sleep with the new baby in the home.

I assured him that our youngest is extremely peaceful and we get all the rest we need. He wondered whether we were just lucky and I was able to enlighten him with the fact that luck had nothing to do with it. Lady Luck was not welcome in our home

The key for his peace and joy had something to do with the Father’s blessing.

He informed me that he didn’t understand what I was talking about.

I then started thinking of a few things I don’t understand yet.

One of the things is the types of questions certain people ask.

For instance – When I phoned the medical aid to inform them that my son was born, the lady on the other side of the phone asked me a few questions. One of the questions was whether he was Afrikaans or English.

I told her that I wasn’t sure. He has not spoken any words to me yet – I said. I did however mention that there was a possibility that he could be Japanese because I heard somewhere that every fourth child that is born is Japanese.

She politely thanked me for the response and soon thereafter we ended the conversation.

A second thing I do not fully comprehend yet, is something that happened when my oldest daughter was a year or so old. One day on my way home I was thinking about her. As I was thinking about her I could physically feel my love for her.

The only explanation I have for that is that it has something to do with – Love your neighbour as you love yourself.

A third thing I am still getting to grips with is the sound my hands heard when I cut the umbilical cord.

And a fourth thing I don’t yet understand with my mind relates to one of the loudest sounds that I have ever heard. It happened a few minutes after my youngest son was born.

It all started a couple of months before his birth when I deliberately started focussing on developing his spirit. I blessed his spirit many times and I assured him that everything would work out great and we were all looking forward to his birth. He believed me and came forth exactly as planned.

Yea, I know that – you might say – Everyone talks to their baby.

No you don’t. If you did, you wouldn’t be able to keep quiet about it.

So what is it then?

I’m not hundred percent sure, but let me tell you what happened.

While there was still a lot of lights, cameras and action in the room I took my son into the bathroom, switched off the bright lights and said:
“Hallo Migael. I am your Daddy. I am the one who read you all the blessings.”

At the sound of my words he opened his eyes, looked at me, and I heard the most beautiful sound I have ever heard – The sound of light!

It was almost too tough for me to handle. Although I expected it, I was hardly prepared for it. But one thing is sure – It was real!

The next morning, while he was awake, but had his eyes closed, I said to him – Hallo Migael. Daddy is here. I’d like to read you a blessing. And as soon as I started reading, he opened his eyes and looked at me again. It was awesome. I heard it again – That beautiful sound of light!

I was convinced (and still am.). We had found a key.

What key? – you might ask.

The key that will unlock the door beyond which there are things that no eye has seen and no ear has heard and what no one ever thought could happen.

Isn’t that just PMA (positive mental attitude) that everyone is talking about?

Not at all!

You see, PMA will not get you anywhere. However, PMA will get you everywhere faster than NMA (negative mental attitude).

So what is it then?

It has to do with the triune nature of man i.e. the spirit, soul and body. (By the way, whether you believe it or not makes no difference.) Some have said – You are a spirit, you have a soul and you live in a body. Others have denied tha
t the spirit and soul can be divided and many have never thought about it. Some will deny everything. They think that denial is only a river in Egypt.

So whereto from here?

I’m not sure, but I’ll keep you posted.

For now all I can say is this – The man with the experience is never at the mercy of the man with the argument.

And it’s wrong to believe that you can be right in thinking that it’s wrong to be right.



Entry for 18 July 2007~Time for a change methinks!!!

Posted in donnette e davis on July 17, 2007 by Donnette E Davis

Wed 11.40 pm…. updating website – gave it a facelift! Might cut my hair soon if the kids have anyhting to say about it – I am sitting on the stuff and Aiden pulls it out at the roots… Been trying to get my head around the Pilgrims and their passage and finally realise why we in S A aka 3rd world don’t celebrate Thanksgiving… aaaah great memories of Plymouth Rock so I feel quite at home studying USA history rather than SA history – more exciting and definitely more user-friendly!! River turned 7 last Wednesday, great celebrations over the last weekend. Aiden my precious obsession turns 2 on 11 August, so again a mammoth celebration… one which I cannot wait for and which he deserves more than any other little boy in the world!! So to my beautiful children, I adore you! Now time to head on to lalaland and prepare for a hectic day again tomorrow…

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