14 August 2007 – THROUGH A CHILD’S EYES


“I would like to enjoy my childhood without living in fear. I want to
grow into an adult and do things for my children as my parents have done for

I watch television and hear my friends talk about the most recent abduction
of a child and this makes me feel afraid and insecure. Many thoughts and
fears run through my mind when I am not with my parents.

I now realize and understand that there are some very sick and disturbed
people throughout our big country and the police do their best to stop
theses bad people from doing these things to children like myself.

But my parents constantly tell me that I must be aware of these bad people
and stay away from them. I do not know what each one looks like and there
does not seem to be any one way to tell them apart from the many nice people
I meet.

I have asked my mother and father what they would do if I was kidnapped or

I have now become more afraid because they really did not know what to do if
this happened to me. They sat around at night in the living room talking
with their friends and everyone did not seem to know what to do if this
happened to their children. Call 911 I guess?

Everyone just said they would pray very hard and hope that someone else
would come to help them. I still feel very afraid everytime these thoughts
come into my mind.

Is there anyone that can help me and my sister and all our friends?”

It is everyone’s responsibility to protect children. Child Shield, U.S.A.
knows how to do it and does it better than anyone else. Our 17 year track
record shows that we are ready and able to meet the rescue and recovery
costs of over $60,000…Are you willing to invest just 41 cents a day to
protect your children the right away?


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