Entry for 17 August 2007

Aaaaah did you ever see anything so gorgeous in your entire life? That’s my boy on his 2nd birthday… he is just the most precious god-given gift and every day I idolise him more… ‘cept when he hit me in the eye with the TV remote the other night, after knocking my face with his head and cutting my lip open… aaaw bless ‘im…

wwwoooohhhoooooo today is Friday, had a not too bad day here in the 3rd world, things are looking a little more positive all the way round… jess and Tam off to Dbn tonight and Doey with her nose in Facebook

Savannah has registered her webiste today, Savannah’s homeschooling Site… she is dreadfully excited and will be uploading her own work units and prtinable folders and templates to the site… Until she does that I am having to try and get the site looking like it is not under construction – not a big job, but humungous considering I have had to start redoing my main site page by page and have an additional 2 education sites which are incomplete… One is a catalogue of education printables that will be available through Payloadz and the other is ummmmmmm haven’t quite decided – maybe just a site on Africa…. Perhaps this weekend would have been good but methinks it is time to get the babies out of the house, and have some enormous fun, if fun can be found in PMB… 🙂 Brunch on Sunday at Spur sounding good… Oops the prince awakes… till later…

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