Homechooling Parents Fight Back

Article in the Natal Mercury

Home School parents fight back
Colleen Dardagan

Parents wishing to home school their children have taken legal
action against Education Minister Naledi Pandor, to prevent her from
insisting that all education in the country be bound by the revised
national curriculum statement.

Tina van Deventer, a mother of six, and Gys van Deventer, a father
of two, have instructed the Pestalozzi Trust – a legal defence fund
for parents wishing to home school their children – to serve papers
on the minister today. They are members of an Afrikaans private
school’s organisation, Die Beweging vir Christerlike Volkseie

“We are hoping our action will result in the revised national
curriculum statement and the national policy on religion and
education being declared not legally binding. We do not believe it
is in the best interests of our children to be educated in
accordance with the national curriculum,” the parents said.

Leendert van Oostrum, head of the Pestalozzi Trust, said the
curriculum had never been promulgated as required by law.

“The education authorities are insisting parents comply with the
revised national curriculum statement. The Schools Act provides that
the minister may determine a curriculum statement, and issue
regulations in respect of that statement, but, as yet, no curriculum
has been determined in terms of the Act and no regulations have been
issued. These parents are now seeking relief,” he said.

The Beweging vir Christerlike Volkseie Onderwys said it had written
to Pandor last December, pointing out the legal deficiencies of the
curriculum statement.

“Save for an acknowledgement of receipt, no further attempts have
been made by the minister to address parents’ concerns. It leaves
the parents no option but to take the matter to court,” the head of
the organisation, Gideon Grobler said.

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