2 Responses to “MySpace”

  1. Hi Donnette,

    Are you in myspace? If you are I’d love to add you as a friend there. My profile page is:

    Thanks for posting to my blog about your experience in South Africa with online paid surveys. Mine here in the USA has been no different from yours. In my opinion, they’re scams set up to harvest data and contact information that is then sold to marketers who then send the person zillions of unwanted spam emails.

  2. Oh bravo! That’s exactly what has happened lol… so I gave up on that one as well… I am on my space

    I am going in there now to add you. I am looking for the original site that I first made contact with you, your original blog. What is the URL to that? I want to read some of your posts again…

    Have a great weekend


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