Community necessitates intimacy: Bravo Niell :)

Community necessitates intimacy

A while ago I mentioned something about the seven levels of communication. I think now is the right time to tell you a little bit more.

But first I’d like to give you a little bit of feedback on a programme called Rights and Recourse that I watched on Television on Friday (7 September 2007)

Although the name of the programme was “Rights and Recourse” I think a more appropriate name might be “Facts, Fiction or Fatal Fallacies”

I will give an objective view (not review) of what I saw and heard, (that is if there is such a thing as an objective view.)

Right, let’s start.

The host introduced the two guests who shall remain nameless. What I will say is that one was from the Department of Education and the other one was a Curriculum Provider.

I wont go into the details of the questions because they were the standard ones. These questions are becoming as boring to me as I was for most of my school career. No new questions ever gets asked. Someone always gives his opinion on what types of parents should home school what kind of children. Somewhere someone will comment on the qualifications needed by parents and the S thing never gets left out.

Then someone will give a view on the disadvantages of home school.

The responses will then be as boring as the questions asked. The normal ones, you know, some USA stats., something about how well home school students perform academically compared to their public school peers and so on

Then someone from one camp will give a total underestimation of how many children are being home schooled in SA and someone from the other camp will try to correct it with an estimation to the other side.

My personal rating of the programme was between neutral and minus thirty.

I saw no passion from either side of the fence. If I was a parent wondering whether home education was the way to go or not I would have been no better off.

And this brings me back to the seven levels of communication. I heard someone talk about this, and I know it’s true. That’s all I can say about the levels.

Here they are from lowest to highest: Clichés, Facts, Opinions, Feelings, Affirmation/Condemnation, Confession/Forgiveness and Dreams/Disillusions.

So what? – you might say!

And then I’ll give you this profound answer – Community necessitates intimacy.

In other words, if there is no intimacy, there will never be community.

And how does one create intimacy?

You don’t stick to communication levels one and two!

And this is why the programme above was so boring, so impassionate, so un-intimate!

Everybody was operating on level one and two.

And as a matter of interest, this is also why I believe there is not a home school community. Because very few people are prepared to move from levels one and two to the higher levels.

Most are afraid to go there because some or other person who reckons he/she is an expert at something will shoot them down. That person is normally an expert. But at faultfinding!

So I think we should all start evaluating our motives. Why are you doing what you are doing? Does it matter whether you do it or not?

If you talk to someone, are you intense enough that they want to buy your passion or will they just say – It might work for them, but not for me.

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