Yahoo! 360° – Homeschooling in South Africa

Yahoo! 360° – Homeschooling in South Africa

Review of Angola Unit Study & Notebook
Review of Angola Study and Notebook by Deepak Punjabi Angola activities and notebook, Countries of Africa, Angola, is a comprehensive study of Angola which starts with a pre historical background of the different tribes settling in, it’s colonial history, war of Independence, and the civil unrest that followed and the efforts to keep it stable now.

The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade is described in candid detail and the reader feels the author’s emotions for the people who went thru those horrible ordeals. Students are also given activities which will stir their imagination as to how they would have dealt with a particular case in which brutal treatment is rendered to slaves on a ship, as if they were merchandise items.

This plus much more information, like, the cities, districts, indigenous languages of tribes are also given.

Teachers are also advised on how to approach their students of different ages as to how this study should be applied.

Deepak Punjabi
Baguio City Philippines

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