Readers Digest Photoshoot

Reader’s Digest Photo Shoot
Managed to get an early start this a.m. – it would have been nice if pool man had done the swamp ermmm pool yesterday, aaah it will be done today – however only AFTER the photo shoot, which will HAVE to be held inside the house as the green water in the hole that doubles as a pool won’t look terribly inviting. Hopefully Master A will stay off pc’s, dining room table & telephones long enough to allow this to happen.
About the photo shoot… Reader’s Digest SA has done an article on HS in SA,the why’s and wherefore’s and the pro’s and con’s. Article to be published in November. Of course I was delighted at having been invited to have my say!! I think being a single working mum with loads of offspring & homeschooling some of said offspring, & just generally attempting to survive in this country has some attraction for the media. Photoshoot of myself & the kids to be done today… drat, I wish the pool was blue 🙂
I wish… I wish….

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