Creative Memories South Africa

Hello everyone

I have received an email from Theresa Pretto and I thought there would be many of you in South Africa who would be extremely interested in the contents. I have just copied the body of the mail below and ask that if you have any contributions to make, you contact either myself at or Theresa at

“I am Theresa Pretto and I am an independent consultant with Creative Memories. Creative Memories is a direct selling company and consultants give classes and workshops in album-making or scrapbooking. We sell a range of high quality albums, papers, tools, adhesives and organisers and we teach the value of preserving memories through putting photos into albums.

Creative Memories was started in the USA in 1985 by two women, whose passion has always been about sharing the vision, the mission and the value of memory preservatoin with others. THis is one of the main reasons I joined Creative Memories and I am very passionate about what I do.

In a recent exchange of emails with some American consultants, one mentioned that she was approached by a group of home-schooling mothers in her area to do monthly workshops for their children, where they will build up an album about their year. They will record details of what they have done, add some photographs and even photos of projects they have done, places they have been.

I loved this idea and decided that I would like to try to contact mothers in Johannesburg and surrounding areas to offer the same. I haven’t worked out exactly what to offer, as I would like to discuss the choices with the interested moms. Coincidentally, Creative Memories South Africa has just launched a stunning School album kit which would be one possible idea for a project like this.”

Theresa would like to know how to go about contacting interested HS families, and I ask that if you belong to or host any HS mailing lists or groups, you please forward this list on to them.

I think it sounds terribly exciting, and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Have a very blessed weekend.


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