Getting ready for Halloween

Got the children to test out my Halloween goodies for the Halloween Activity Mega-Book that I will soon be publishing – much like test-driving a car or something Hope to have it in the ebook store in the next couple of days, and then will continue with the African-themed books… there’s always so so so so so much to do – never enough hours in the day… So I took some pictures of the girls – tongues hanging out, very engrossed in what they were doing… seems like we will need a little nip and tuck on a few of the gift boxes… We had a lot of fun yesterday making story starters & notepaper for our wesbite. We will finish the activity book, and some more gift boxes, masks etc. and then concentrate on a Printable Gift Pack with notepaper and envelopes… funny how when it’s dracula, skeletons and talking pumpkins, the kids are quite happy to learn – give them ABC and they kinda go green

Halloween pages, pritables and free downloads, including a video on how to carve a pumpkin – Jack-O-Lantern – can be found on

Interesting to me was I discovered that the whole Jack-O-Lantern legend started in Ireland, where they used to carve turnips. I wonder if that is still the practice there… I wonder if they celebrate it as big in Ireland as they do in USA… I wonder, I wonder… I guess I should find out about these things so that Aiden knows at least some of his roots

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