Entry for 01 October 2007

Aaah would dearly love to upload yesterday’s pics but will have to wait till later… Pouring with rain for 4 days now, don’t mind the rain, it is annoying that the washing machine and drier are broken though and we are all stuck inside the house as the car isn’t back from the repair shop yet… seems like September was a month for things breaking – Lets hope and pray October brings happiness and delight when fixed things are returned working properly, and that nothing else finds it’s way to electronic heaven… not forgetting yesterday yet one more computer screen blew up – that’s 3 in the last month.. ugh! The pool (yes, no longer a swamp) has been sanded and now will be sealed and filled and presto! a brand new pool… Sorry tadpoles.

YESTERDAY Aiden had his hair cut. Sister Karen did the honours. She suggested next time they would sedate me. Granted he is looking like a real man now. Savannah bought him a doll pram on Saturday which he is loving… move over blue spiderman superbike… 🙂

Busy uploading African Animals to St Aidens – darn, this keyboard needs replacing…

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