Entry for 09 October 2007

Finally caught up with Monique after 2 months, was great to chat again… Been raining here solidly for almost 10 days, hardly a break… getting a bit of cabin fever as I am sure the kids are as well, there are only so many hours one can spend in front of the computer pretending to be inspired. Managed to get hold of soon-to-be-released Westlife video. A cover of Michael Buble’s Home, not my favourite song in the world, but thumbs up to Westlife Lads for making it at least bearable! They would make Jingle bells reach #1… 06 October, Saturday, was a soulful day, bringing on 4 years worth of memories, some being memories of the best days of my life, and the not so best ones 🙂 Caught myself in time before making a fatal mistake, and am left wondering if it’ll ever be okay again… Savannah’s puppy that was stolen last week Tuesday and which I found tucked cosily under a woman’s arm in a shopping mall on Friday died on Saturday. She was not here to see it thankfully. The woman had overdosed him on deworming medicine and it destroyed his little insides. He was only 6 weeks old, and both Benson (that’s his name) and Hedges, (that’s his sister who was stolen on the same day) were still feeding, too young to be dewormed by someone who doesn’t have a clue. Apparently (well nothing new actually) Chow Chow’s fetch a handsome price on the black market, which is why I normally keep my dogs enclosed. When the forest was removed from behind out property I suspect the fence was damaged and the dogs were easily removed… lovely country this, not even our pets are safe! That’s it for today while I carry on making my site map and dealing with frozen feet and hands, and a hyperactive Aiden who insists on cooking everything he can get his hands on…

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