Friday 12 October 2007-yippeeeee

Technorati Profile Am visiting some social networking sites and monitoring the impact it has. Some people swear by it. Friday, yippee… Had a hectic day on Thursday, with my head wanting to explode. Headache from I don’t know where. Could not find my medication as Aiden had posted it out of the kitchen window unbeknown to us. We discovered it thi morning when searching for the keys to the kitchen door that Aiden has posted somewhere, at this stage still a mystery. Effectively what this means is that we cannot get out back to play in the blue pool, feed the dogs r hand laundry UNLESS I do it all in the kitchen and then walk through the house right around to the front, down the stairs, around the garages, up the stars at the side, around the back and all this carrying whatever it is I need to be carrying. Aiden is getting more and more active daily, and where everyone said I was molly coddling him to his detriment (hahahahahahahaha), has turned into a real inquisitive mischievous little boy. I forgot how busy they were… mmmm i don’t think Derek was this busy… Aiden likes to play on his computer and has developed amazing mouse skills. He plays in MS Paint quit ocmfortably. Only problem here is he likes to use all the other computers as well. What he does then is closes the doors to my office because then we can’t catch him in the act… when he is a little older he will discover that the interleading doors from the office to the living room are made of glass and everything in the office is quite visible 🙂 My precious child! I love him more and more every single day… Have to confess sister’s suggestion that they have him this weekend is kinda sounding attractive after being cooped up indoors for 12 days as a result of heavy ran and car in repair shop… mmmmm I wonder if YOU ever remember that you have a son, and wonder how he is doing, who he looks like, what his little quirks are, what makes him laugh, what his favourite sayings are…. mmmm again, i need a new keyboard…

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