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The internet is a great place for finding out information, emailing friends, and meeting and chatting to new friends. The majority of the internet and its users are harmless, but you need to be aware that not everyone who is they always seem to be.

Unfortunately some people abuse the internet and their usage in an attempt to mislead other people. This can vary from simple small fibs or exaggerations to full on lies which are completely untrue and are meant to mislead you and other people. Therefore, although the majority of your internet usage is safe, you should still take steps to ensure your safety when on the internet.

Chatrooms and messageboards are common places for meeting new people with similar interests and require particular attention when speaking and messaging people away from the safety of these confines.

By following some basic safety tips you can ensure your own safe use of the internet and at the same time give your parents piece of mind so that they can trust you to carry on using the internet without too many restrictions.

– Never give anyone your address, telephone number, school name or location or any other personal information, even if its someone you think you can trust
– Never tell anyone things about people you know, especially things like the names, addresses, emails and telephone numbers of your friends, where your parents work, credit card numbers or anything else that is private
– Do not respond to a message that makes you feel uncomfortable. Always tell your parents, or another adult you can trust straightway, and remember, it’s not your fault if you receive a message like that
– Never send anyone a picture of yourself over the internet without checking first with your parents
– Do not give out your internet password to anyone (even your best friends) except your parents
– Never agree to meet up with someone you have met online without first discussing it with your parents
– If your parents agree to the meeting taking place, make sure they go with you and always meet people in a public place
– Help your parents set up rules for when and how long you can be online, and then don’t break the rules without their permission
– Be open with your parents about your internet usage. The more honest you are with them will help them to worry less and develop trust which will hopefully allow you more freedom in your internet usage
– Do not visit sites or sign up to websites or mailing lists without knowing what they are or what they are for
– Do not download or install programmes without first asking the permission of the owner of the computer
– Don’t be rude or say bad things to people online
– And most of all, try to enjoy what the world wide web has to offer

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