Entry for 20 November 2007

Having been MIA for a few weeks it’s great to be back on fast i/net, not the exceptionally painfully frustratingly slow interim modem I was using wooohooo!! Thanks Nadia at Telkom PE for sorting it out finally!!!

The last month has been full of everything, trees falling on roof, getting roof fixed, new pool finally finished, getting car back after 2 months without it, return of large posh pc screen that has been in for repair twice and still under gaurantee, last but not least the brand new cell phone that went for a swim has also been repaird after I was told it was beyond economical repair… duh??? – okay so the washing machine, tumble drier, new kettle, kitchen door that decided to break my left arm (well almost) and cupboard have all gone to heaven!!! but things are looking up *grin*

Jess is off to Dubai next week for a 2year contract. Doey left 3 weeks ago for Pretoria to stay with her half sister. Derek turned 25 on 0n November but is still in Durban. House is big and empty and will be lonely without all the kids, but HRH Aiden Daniel Mark keeps us on our toes, with Sav and River at his beck and call… his latest is copying everything on TV, his fave ad being “Shut Up Bob” – the Getz ad… aaaaw picture me shouting at him just befoe he flings himself (very gently) onto a blanket on the floor – only for him to look up and say “Shuuuuppppppp Bob!” I’m sure he’ll soon realise it’s not really a cool thing to say to mum – but for now it is so so so so so cute…. everything he does is cute – my little superhero…. getting bigger, busier and more inquisitive!

Kids are looking foward to Christmas, 3 years ago this time I was looking forward to Thanksgiving!!!! If only….

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