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While I was playing in www today I came across a really exceptional site on a Google search on free printables. (can’t remember the exact search terms) anyway this ranked pretty high. is a beautifully laid out, easy to navigate blog with the focus on providing links and resources for free educational and family-friendly printables. Not only does Minette post the links/resources, but she actually investigates them prior to posting – this is evident from my own interaction with her. I suspect this is to ensure that they are family-friendly and appropriate. She then writes an in-depth review of the material/resources/website visited, providing the visitor with adequate information to assist in making an informed decision.

I spent quite some time on the pages, and went back more than once 🙂 – there really are some really fantastic products on offer. Great for the homeschooling family/educators/students and children. Well worth a visit. Oh and do join the mailing list. This is a busy site and one can only imagine with the quantity of quality content already featured, that it is expanded upon almost daily. This is a site that should be bookmarked (as I have done) as you will visit over and over again. Congratulations on a fantastic site!

2 Responses to “AnyFreebies Blogspot”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Donnette!

    Thank you very much for devoting some of your time just to feature my humble blog. Im really surprised and you are such a great person!

    Thanks much again and again! Blessings to your and your family! =)

    Minette =)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Aaah Minette, it is I who is honoured to have stumbled across you. I think it is incredible that you devote your time and resources to make available free educational resources to people who may otherwise never have the opportunity of obtaining them… I am eagerly awaiting your First Update Mail from the new mailing list server… *excited* Dxx

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