Entry for 04 December 2007

New eBook added to the Lulu Store… *grin*was a lot of hard work but fun – methinks I have celebrated Christmas 40 times, in 20 different languages in 15 different countries with all the workbooks we have uploaded. I had a really special interaction with Minette this morning, who has a really cool blog (I have added her link in a thousand places) who sent me a mail screeching “OOOOOOOhhhhh so you’re the author of the Christmas……” It’s great and makes it all worthwhile with comments like this, and the fact that Minette feels my work is worthy of noting in her newsletter posts.

Had a busy weekend, kinda wet on and off, took River and HRH Aiden Daniel Davis up to Albert Falls Amble Inn for lunch on Saturday. He had fun patting the ducks, kinda ran away from the geese and goats though :O) Didn’t take long for the rain to come. Have booked a chalet there for the near future and am quite looking forward to interacting with nature… aaaah and don’t forget overlooking the crocodile-infested river. Our chalet is right on the river bank… Hope it doesn’t rain and the river rises… *ewwwwwww* Took loads of photos, out of 600 odd I must sift through and upload the great ones…

Doey has settled on and off in Pretoria for the time being and Jess is awaiting her departure date, after which she will jet off to the lifestyle of the rich and famous in UAE. I am dreading it! She is already a week late so methinks they should get their paperwork sorted ASAP…

I am not inspired today, all deflated, so will carry on with updates another time – Have a great week everyone!

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