Entry for 06 December 2007

After an unproductive but busy week we cannot wait for the weekend… Savannah & Aiden were both whipped off to St Anne’s last night after I have battled with raging temperatures on and off with both of them for 3 days. Strange….. in the morning they weren’t well but managed a hearty brunch at Spur… by lunch time the temperatures had risen and both became feverish and God Forbid my memories of just past 2 years back came flooding back… I am all too aware that Aiden is with me this year as a result of God, prayer and masses amounts of love. Anyway after examinations and ex-rays to establish whether they should both be admitted, Dr M, who knows the family oh so well, said Sav could be treated with aggressive antibiotics and anti-inflam and Aiden would be needing something much stronger than he had been on the last week. There is a touch of bronchial pneumonia on his left lung (always that one!!!) but as long as I medicate him 3 hourly we should see an improvement in 72 hours…. Arrived wearily home well after midnight in the pouring rain, sorted out babies and then spent the night as anxious as I have ever been when he is ill… Today saw an improvement, he had a realtively ok night, Sav has a failry restless night. Both are fighting off their masses amount of medication every 3 hours and Aiden only likes the nebuliser if he can shoot Savannah with it. He has shot me with the medicine spoon on numerous occasions today.

River should be home today or tomorrow from her visit to her cousin. We are missing her badly and I am hoping all kids are okay so we can find another really awesome spot to go play the weekend… weather and health permitting.

Aaaaaaaah Jacques finally arrived to fix the gate that was down since the weekend yesterday afternoon. The motor had been struck by lightning. I am amazed at how it got melted. Thankfully he knows the whole motorised thing as he has had to look after our security in that dept for the last 5 years, and it’s been struck by lighting before. Have only had 2 really murderous thunder/lightning/rain storms this week and thankfully no trees got struck, gate couldn’t get struck again, lights weren’t struck and nor was modem 🙂 *grin*

Right, Madam S has arisen, and HRH Aiden is rushing around somewhere. He cooked up a storm the day before yesterday with Panado Syrup and a box of mixed herbs!

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