Entry for 08 December 2007

Saturday morning 8 a.m……… wet, misty and cold… summer has gone AWOL, wonder if it will ever come back…

Cabin fever got the best of us last night so Sav, Aiden and I headed off to local Spur for dinner. Probably not terribly wise with Aiden’s chest and Savannah’s nasty cough. Plan was to eat and leave early… ho hum… bumped into some very good friends – well they used to be – about 12 years ago. Both advocates here in Makhathinitown specialising in family law. We ended up laughing at what was not a laughable matter 10/12 years ago. Felt almost human again interacting with “big” people… Savannah was incredibly polite and Aiden was – well Aiden was more interested in playing… still turned into a little bit of a statue with Rob- called him Dave all night – but with Igna he took to her immediately and was quite happy playing ball across the dinner table. I experienced my first Kahula coffee (sonder die room) loaded it with sugar and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Stayed out later than expected, came home and babies went right off to lalaland. HRH Aiden woke when I wanted to do his medication and change him and ummmmmmmmm well that was him for the night. He didn’t sleep. I have not yet gone to sleep and am contemplating doing so now that HRH Aiden Daniel Mark is finally resting soundly.

Still no news on Jess’s date of departure – we are both getting concerned. She should have left a week ago. They keep postponing date of departure… hmmmmmmmmmmm on the bright side, she may still be home for Christmas which will be an absolute Joy. No (adult) kid I know enjoys Christmas more than my little Jess… jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzz she gets over-excited about giving presents, and loves the hustle and the bustle of the mall and Santa and decorations – and of course shopping! Doey will not be home for Christmas. She probably won’t make my birthday/new year either. I don’t think she is happy – well she isn’t happy in Johannesburg – bit of a culture shock coming from Makhathinitown I would imagine. And rules! She now has to live with rules – she says it’s eating her alive lol… my baby girl… River still with Sister Karen who does not want to return her… hhhmmmpppfftt I miss her so much… I know she’s having a ball and loves her cousin Justine, but ummmmmmmm i kinda forget what she looks like…

Right, coffee almost depleted, methinks time to move on for now and contemplate the wet miserable weekend… ugh! Just one weekend with no rain and plenty of sun would be an absolute treat… *wishing*

Have a safe and blessed weekend friends

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