Entry for 09 December 2007

Aaah happy days today – the sun is almost shining – there is NO rain – not till this afternoon at least, and the weather forecast I am told by sister is that no rain tomorrow or the next day… woohoooo

Girls and boy having picnic outside by very blue pool while I attempted some housekeeping, so it’s great to get out of the house. Jess on her way home from David’s sister’s wedding, which she said was beautiful, notwithstanding the dodgy weather! *sigh*

Not a lot happening in Makhathinitown today or the weekend in fact. Experiencing a little problem with FTP and uploading updates to my St Aiden’s but I will try and run the upload later on today.

I spent a really special evening last night – I have not laughed like that for ever… ewwwwww my hair hurts… The greatest love of all had me in stitches with some ermmmm um amusing antics…

I have just popped new pictures of the babies on to my pc so will contemplate an upload to Flicker or Photobucket later on today… other than that hoping everyone is having a wonderful weekend rest, and I look forward to interacting again next week…

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