Entry for 16 December 2007

Hmmmmmmmmmm and the weeks stretch out again lol… there’s my precious son Aiden on my lap, Justine (my niece) River and Savannah all over Santa, taken Saturday 15 Dec 2007. Aiden’s first meeting with Santa and he was absolutely great! What followed was a wonderful family quality dinner at Spur, with brother-in-law Anton finally persuading me to let him take Aiden for a day or two (methinks he would be happy for a month) and feed him up on mashed potato True to his promise Anton fed him stuff he would previously never have eaten with me, including jungle oats for breakfast, quiche for lunch and as promised – and I was sent the picture on my cell phone – the famous mashed potatoes – and MEAT!!!!! My son ate meat today lol… he does not eat meat… We are all lost without him, was going to dash up the hill to Hilton to fetch him today, but ummmm thick mist and heavy rain prevented that…. I know I cannot go another day without him, and nor can his sisters… so I will get my son back tomorrow….

As I write my great love is getting ready for the trip to Logan International Airport in Boston MA in the thick & freezing snow to go play in Ireland for a couple of weeks with his family. Have a safe trip and a wonderful holiday baby.

Right off I go to update St Aiden’s which has been a little neglected in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas holiday.

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