St Aiden’s Homeschool, Updates 17 December 2007

Hello again!
I’m back with a few website updates, and hope you will find them as much fun as we have.
I have moved the Christmas Music & Midi Files to another page as I have managed to source some really lovely free eBook downloads for those who may be musically inclined, and the page was getting a little full and slower loading. Most notably the new additions are:
International Book of Christmas Carols, Sheet Music & Lyrics
Download the Christmas Piano Solo Music eBook (100 pp)
For more Free Christmas downloads, please click here
Christmas Crafts and Activities:
Male a 3D Christmas Tree Colour B/W
Make a 3D Santa Colour B/W
More exceptional free downloads
Beautiful Free Christmas eBooks
Free Beautiful Nativity Lapbook
How To Make a 3D Paper Snowflake
How to Make a Christmas Tree Pop-Up Card
How to Make A Paper Snowflake
How to Make a Reindeer Pop Up Card
How to Make a Sparkly Snowflake Ornament
3D Nativity Paper Craft
(With all crafts and activities, please take adequate safety precautions when little ones are using scissors, glue, smaller objects or household items.)
New eBooks added to
The Christmas Mystery .zip File
The Snow queen. Classic Fairy Tale electronic eBook. .exe format. (This is really beautiful and your kids can read on the computer or you can read to them.)
Christmas On The Net .zip File
Christmas Stories – Zip File
Christmas Happy Pack .zip File
Holiday Stress .zip File
It’s Party Time .zip File
The Christmas Dinner .zip File
Christmas Special – Kids Activity Pack PDF Format

I have also uploaded 2 interactive Christmas Jigsaw puzzles in .exe format. They are self-extracting files and will instal on your computer. Again they are really lovely and will keep kids entertained for quite a while.

That’s it from me for now. I am currently working on various calendars, journals, year planners and homeschooling printables for upload early in the New Year, after which I will revert to phonics, life skills and mathematics activity books. Speaking of the New Year I have added an additional portal (directory) to the website, which contains a couple of hundred pages of exceptional links, information and resources for New Year gifts, celebrations and traditions around the world. This can be accessed at the link below.
As always I welcome feedback and am sure that you will find something of interest and enjoyment for your family.
Until next time
Stay safe and God Bless
For beautiful Classical Christmas, Inspirational and Christian eBooks, click here.

Our Christmas Portal : Information, Links & Resource Directory for Everything Christmas

Christmas Gift Ideas Portal : Information, Links & Resource Directory for Gifts and Gift Ideas
New Year Portal : Information, Links & Resource Directory
International Holiday Guide

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