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Balloon Boughet I have reviewed the following site and thought it worth the mention, especially since discounts are being offered on same day delivery. Worth a look for that last minue, far-away gift… Enjoy


The purpose of a balloon bouquet is to wish the recipient a happy birthday, happy anniversary, get-well, or make wishes for another happy occasion.

Pros: There are a total of 6 rather large balloons in this Balloon Bouquet. There are three foil balloons and three latex balloons. Balloons that depict events can be chosen.

For example: the sender might include a happy birthday balloon that would be appropriate for a child’s birthday or a different one that would be appropriate for the birthday of an adult. Other special occasion balloons are also available upon request such as ‘get well’ or ‘happy anniversary’.

There are balloons that are age specific as well. Multi-colored, solid color and smiley face balloons are available for all bouquets no mater what the occasion. Generally, an advance notice of only one day is required for the delivery of a Balloon bouquet anywhere within the United States as well as in Canada.

Same-day delivery is also available in most locations within the United States and Canada.

Since some people are very allergic to flowers of different varieties, if the sender is not certain on any related allergies, the sending of a Balloon Bouquet is the perfect solution to that problem.

Cons: Delivery costs are included in the price of the Balloon Bouquet but there is an $8.99 ‘service charge’ in addition to the price as stated.

Guarantee: There is a 100% guarantee of satisfaction stated on the website.

Value for money: Balloon bouquets generally last longer than fresh flower bouquets. For that reason, the balloon bouquet is an excellent value dollar for dollar.

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