Pacific Heights, International Flower Gift Delivery

For last minute gifts that need to be sent in a hurry, have a look at thiss site. It offers a wide range of wonderful flower gifts that can be delivered in a hurry… Pacific Heights Flower Delivery

Fresh Flower Delivery

The purposes of the Pacific Heights can be many.

It is a beautiful gift basket type gift that can be used to say ‘thank you’, ‘get well’ ‘happy birthday or a multitude of other greetings.

Pros: There are five boxes staked and individually wrapped. They are stacked according to size with the largest box on the bottom and the smallest on the top and then the stack is tied with a beautiful ribbon.

The Boxes each contain a different item. The items that are included are vanilla caramels, cranberry popcorn clusters, chocolate golf balls, cinnamon roasted cashews and a complete collection of Brown & Haley butter crunch toffee. Sending the pacific Heights gift basket is a quick and easy way to acknowledge a friend or relative.

The nicest part is that this gift is truly unisex. Pacific Heights would be ideal to send to a man or a woman and for almost any occasion.

At it is possible to select the date for the delivery of Pacific Heights, as well as, the method of delivery.

Cons: Probably should not be sent to those who have digestion difficulties or who have had any kind of surgery. Since many of the items included could require chewing, it shouldn’t be sent to those who have dentures.

There is an additional charge of $9.99 for most deliveries.

Guarantee: Flower Delivery does guarantee delivery on the date specified and if a customer is not satisfied with the product delivered, the product will be redelivered but the cost will not be refunded.

Value for money: This is a very nice gift and well worth the cost.

Fresh Flower Delivery

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