The Hottest Toys this Christmas

Every year there are the HOT toys that every kid wants. They are the ‘gotta-have-cause-all-my-friends-have’ toys that may be the dream of the kid but the nightmare for the parents and you can bet that Santa isn’t going to make one magically appear under the Christmas tree. No, you will have to find one and the best policy is to start your quest as early as possible.

Three of the hottest of toys for the 2007 Christmas season are:

1. The Singing Barbie: When Barbie’s cell phone rings, she answers it and there are three pre-programmed song clips that Barbie sings into the microphone. This toy is far more inter-active than any previous Barbie and your little girl is going to want one. This is for ages 5 and up.

2. Robots are Hot: All kinds of robots are going to be the hottest of the hot items this year. Modern technology has caused robots to become ‘classic’ toys. Hasbro of Transformers fame has created the “Optimus Prime voice changer helmet” which makes the kid’s voice sound like a robot and Air Hogs Robo Copter that is made by Spin Master going to be big in the remote-control toy category. The Robo Copter transforms from a robot to a helicopter. This is for ages 10 and up.

3. Smart Cycle: The Smart Cycle is from Fisher Price (who else?). The Smart Cycle is a stationary cycle that plugs into the TV and uses a plug and play technology. Mom or dad will need to plug it in but then the pre-schooler can hop on and pedal trough different environments and learning experiences. This is for the 3 to 5 year old set.

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