Entry for 30 December 2007

Is it just me or do a lot of people get nostalgic at this time of year? Something’s troubling me and I have been unable to sleep. Strange really, I was exhausted. The Christmas holiday was hectically busy except for the 2 or 3 days after Christmas where I was completely alone, the girls all being away and Aiden having been kidnapped by sister. Said sister is due to produce Aiden’s cousin on 24 January. Said cousin has finally been given a name – Adam! We are all very excited to meet Adam.

Girls, including my gorgeous Doey, were returned home finally after globe-trotting (well in S A at least) all awash with the excitement of Christmas still hanging in the air, presents to be given and received, and thank you letters to be written and sent. New Trampoline is up and being utilised well, the 3 little ones fell into an exhausted sleep finally on Saturday night, and I spent some quality time with Doey who has decided it’s time to unclutter our lives.

Good point! I tried to explain that I am extremely sentimental over some of the things in our house – who else has over 50 x 200 page photo albums dating back to whenever, and more than 3700 photographs on the computer, since the time of course of digital. We are not counting the 50 or so CD’s jam-packed with pictures and memories. She was not referring to photographs she says. She is referring to the THINGS in the house that don’t need to be there any more. What????????? This from Doey who has been a magpie and a hoarder all her life – hence her room being nicknamed the dungeon. Ok granted it is the neatest dungeon you will ever find with everything in its precise place. Well if she can be without her stuff around her for 2 months, as she has been, then we can all do it. Good point again! My child is right. Again. As usual. Mom is wrong.

It is now just after 4 a.m. and the sky is getting light. Supposed to be a scorcher today with no rain, woohoo… we have planned our morning to clear cupboards and dispose of anything that has not been used for 6 months. Since it is all mostly really nice stuff we have decided to donate it all to the first orphanage we come across in the PMB phone directory. Someone somewhere will have a use for it, and our lives will become less cluttered. So we hope.

Oh this picture is of my beautiful Clarissa taken by Savannah on their trip away with their Dad over Christmas. Beautiful children I have, I am truly blessed.

Back to the clutter of our lives… In days gone by when this time of year was exciting for everyone, even me making birthdays & Christmas special for the kids, gearing up for my birthday and New Year, there was always something to look forward to, for me that is. When someone did something special for me, for my family – as small as it was then (the family) – or smaller in any event lol… Every year. Without fail. Now what… living in the past ain’t gonna bring it back any time soon… Anyway I think that’s the cause of the restlessness… and a good reason to make new year’s resolutions 🙂

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