Homeschooling Articles Have Been Published

Happy New Year 2008!

After a relatively quiet New Year’s Eve/Birthday my New Year 2008 got off to a good start with my having received notification that I have been awarded“expert author”status for an online article directory. My first articles written last week were accepted without amendment or editing, and so are now live on

and can be viewed:

“Requirements And Guidelines For Homeschooling In South
Africa” – has been accepted and added to the directory:

“Your Child’s Personal Journal Can Become His Best Friend” –
has been accepted and added to the directory:

This is a great inspiration for me, having started our homeschooling journey with little more than a passion for my children and a complete dislike for the South African Education system and its educators. With no official training or tutoring in educating children I feel we have achieved a great deal and learnt a lot, as we do every day. I should remind myself that a child’s education starts at birth and that until unwanted interference from the so-called “powers-that-be”, would remain the responsibility of the parents and family. In my book an unquestionable preference.

So to my beloved children, thank you for the last year of joy in an unequalled educational journey. Thank you for teaching me far more than I could ever teach you.

Donnette E Davis, Basic Author

May 2008 be everything wonderful for you and your family.

Website Updates to St Aiden’s will be uploaded later on during today.



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