St Aiden’s Homeschool, South Africa, Website Updates and Free Downloads

Hello Everyone and a Happy New Year to All… I hope your Christmas Holiday and New Year’s Festivities were happy, fun-filled and blessed… Now we’re on to a new year and new beginnings – AGAIN 😉

I apologise in advance for the length of this update. I will keep it as short as possible but it will still be fairly long. With the holidays I kept updates to a minimum for a few weeks recently so there have been a number of additions.

The January 2008 Learning Calendar, for fun activities and international events. Not all aspects are covered on our website but I will add to each event as I can and as it is relevant to us. You may wish to incorporate some fun unit studies of some events. I’m sorry that this month is a little scant. St Aiden’s was not around in January last year so I have not developed unit studies for many of the events… You can view the Full Calendar and links at

Click on the month below to find fun and educationally relevant

holidays, events, and celebrations. Use the notable occasions to

spark new areas of research and tap into your students’ interests.

There’s something worth celebrating every day! Explore each

page individually or download the full calendar!

South African School Calendar for 2008 *** View HTML

2008 Educator’s Calendar. Click to download detailed PDF.

Click here to view document in HTML format.

These are additions to a new section of the website. Please feel free to download what may be of use to you, and share with your friends. The children’s journals I have made took longer than expected, that was a massive job 🙂 also obtaining permissions for use of graphics took some time due to the holidays. They will however be uploaded during the course of this week.

Free eBooks

Archives of Previous Newsletters & Updates have been created at this link:
Please let me know if there is anything else you are looking for. I do have more documents due for upload shortly and will let you know in time…
May I take this opportunity of thanking everyone for their support during the 10 months of St Aiden’s life, and wishing you and yours the very best life has to offer for 2008.
Man must search for what is right, and let happiness come on its own. Johann Pestalozzi

4 Responses to “St Aiden’s Homeschool, South Africa, Website Updates and Free Downloads”

  1. Says:

    Hi Donnette!

    Finally I found your blog. If you notice, I havent been able to update my blog lately coz we just moved in our new home and applied for an internet connection (kinda slow in here…). I think I maybe downloading some of your ebooks coz my daughter is going 3 now and hopefully I can teach her some basic skills. I wanna learn how to do some homeschooling and so I need your help…hehehe…Hope we can chat online one of these days.

    Have fun and regards to your family!

    Minette =)

  2. Donnette Davis Says:

    Hi honey

    Oh we packed up left S Africa earlier this year and then returned (grrrrr) so I am in a place now with dial up ugh!!! I am still writing and creating but until I can upload to my website (it takes 3 days for a publish to go through) I upload a lot of goodies to Scribd. I have been writing for publication and so far so good, it’s a lot of work but hopefully worth the effort when eventually I sell 1000 books a day. I also have an Amazon book shop affiliated to St Aidens and have commissioned a site which I am hoping to register this week called – mainly for kids with learning difficulties. I paid a fortune for the commission so I hope I get the domain name… Also put in an offer on another very small Home-School site which needs a lot of work because right now it is a bunch of ads, I am hoping they will come back to me with a counter proposal today… will let you know..

    In the meantime you may have noticed the website was down for about 4 months while I was moving all over the world. It is up again, same format but simpler and less adverts, more content, less junk!! quicker loading pages… so it is a long process and I would enjoy it more if I had broadband hehehe… tell me about you.. anything you want me tow rite about? Do you have Facebook? I review a lot of stuff on there..
    Love always

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  4. Donnette Davis Says:

    Thanks Admin for your post.. I will be sure to link to your blogs in my posts as well 🙂 xx

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