Thanksgiving – All You Need to KNow & More :)

A comprehensive MUST HAVE manual for Thanksgiving, includes:

How and why to host an adults’ only Thanksgiving celebration;

Why & How to host a Kids’ only Thanksgiving Celebration;

Thanksgiving Dinner, formal or informal, and how to prepare for either!

Includes comprehensive seating and invitation arrangements, name plates, beautiful fancy but simple to makeThanksgiving crafts to enhance any table setting and that you will keep for their simple beauty;

How to create that perfect Thanksgiving Table Setting;

Thanksgiving etiquette;

Gifts and dress code;

Preparation for your home and your family;

Includes a comprehensive Thanksgiving formal menu, informal menu, loads of puddings, sauces and of course a variety of pumpkin pie recipes – all easy to read, simple to make and mouth wateringly delicious. A simple and beautifully illustrated “hot to” carve a Thanksgiving Turkey (or chicken) is a must-have for any cook!! 🙂

Included also is a Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu, with all the trimmings and delicious delicacies that can be expected at any Thanksgiving celebration.

Included also is a formal pre-printed menu, Thanksgiving recipe cards, Meal Planner, Invitation Guest list, pre-printed budget planner and food and drink planner – all prepared and ready to print to save you time and give you the opportunity to host a Thanksgiving celebration that is memorable, delicious and will have your guests talking about it for ages. Yuo will love the Thanksgiving card – simply print on cardstock, fold and write in the name of your guests – a lovely touch to make them feel extra special!

Expect a lot more in this comprehensive and beautifully illustrated manual, but be prepared to refer to it time and time again. It would also make a fantastic gift for your guests.

You can preview the book at Lulu and I would love to have some feedback.

I do take this opportunity of wishing you and yours a most blessed and memorable Thanksgiving occasion.

Donnette E Davis

St Aiden’s Homeschool

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