Entry for 15 November 2008

An Activity Book Curriculum Based for Grades 3 to 5 on South Africa. This is BY NO MEANS JUST A COLOURING BOOK. It is purely educational and covers educational curricula and information. Whilst the design and questions and activities have been designed by myself it is with professional guidance and the assistance of many hours of research from my beloved books.

I have incorporated fun activities, colouring, questionaires, multiple choice, notebooking pages and more on inter alia the following:

Leaders : Old and New
Flag : Old and New
National Emblems
Coat of Arms : Old and New
Languages – all official languages
(new Provinces & the 4 Old Provinces
Flag Activities
Design Your own Coat of Arms
Design Your Own Flag
The Big 5
National Monuments, Places of Interest & National Heritage Sites

These are but a few of the interesting and colourful sections in this book, which IS South African curriculum based (I found this out belatedly)… A MUST for any homeschooling family or teacher/educator who is involved in apprising his or her learners of the Old and the New South Africa.

You may preview the book here

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