Once again Christmas is almost upon us. We spare a thought and prayer for those millions of
families in Africa and around the world that will not be able to celebrate Christmas with presents,
glorious food and decorations, and whose children who will not be scrambling first thing Christmas
morning to see what Santa has brought them. If each one of us in South Africa could make one
other person’s Christmas special and meaningful, be they in Africa or elsewhere, imagine the
happiness and joy that can be spread. That would be giving in the true spirit of Christmas. The local
newspapers in every city in South Africa hold details of donation and collection points for less
fortunate families. A visit to an orphanage or hospice would be a fantastic way of sharing Christmas
with others. Please take a few minutes of your day to make a small donation, that will make a
huge difference to someone’s Christmas.

We have put together and sourced some exceptional free
downloads and activities for our loyal subscribers and will
continue to add to these pages. Please feel free to browse and
download whatever activities you desire. As always I would
welcome feedback and suggestions.
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Merry Christmas!
Christmas Main

Free Online Games

Free Christmas eBooks in PDF format

Our free Educational Christmas Activity Books

  • Santa Activity Book
  • Snowman Activity Book
  • Christmas Phonics
  • Christmas Counting
  • Bible Verses Copywork
  • Christmas Games & Activities
  • Mega Christmas Activity Book
  • Christmas Alphabet Song Activity & Copywork Book
  • Christmas Picture Dictionary Alphabet Activity Book
  • Christmas Animal Picture Dictionary Activity Book
  • 12 Days of Christmas Copywork & Activity Book

Christmas Shopping

Holiday Traditions

International Holidays, Free Gift Ideas, Recipes Crafts & More
Over 200 activity packed pages covering all International Holidays with
the most up to date information and free resources

Holiday Planning

Watch Christmas Music Videos

Watch Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol

100’s of Free Recipes, Crafts and Activities here

Christmas Lacing Activities for little folk

Christmas Music, Sheet Music, Midi Files, Music eBooks

Free Printable Christmas Stories and Poems

Christmas Scrapbooking, Stencils & Frames

Notebooking Pages

Printable Christmas Puzzles

Christmas Crafts (Printables)

More exceptional free downloads

Beautiful Free Christmas eBooks

Classical Collector’s Items & Inspirational eBooks

Free Beautiful Nativity Lapbook

For more Free Christmas downloads, please click here
For beautiful Classical Christmas, Inspirational and
Christian eBooks,
click here. *presently uploading*
For the most beautiful, original and inspirational poetry, written exclusively for our
website by
Josie Whitehead of Josie’s Poetry, click here.
PDF format. For
more exceptional and inspirational works by Josie please
visit this link Thank you,
Josie, for always being an inspiration to educators and parents worldwide 🙂
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