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Christmas – The Ultimate Recipe CollectionChristmas – The Ultimate Recipe Collection (e-book)

Download: $5.00

Great collection of user-friendly recipes for a traditional Christmas Feast, a simple family gathering, simple (to exotic) but creative dishes for pre-Christmas, Christmas and post-Christmas gatherings. Includes appetizers, starters, main courses, desserts, everything to plan that perfect menu for every Christmas occasion.

Christmas – The Ultimate Craft CollectionChristmas – The Ultimate Craft Collection (e-book)

Download: $5.00

Lovely Collection of Christmas Themed Crafts & Activities including how to build a doll’s house – every little girl’s dream!

100 Recipes for a Home Style Christmas100 Recipes for a Home Style Christmas (e-book)

Download: $5.00

100 delicious and favourite home style recipes for that Special Family Christmas Gathering. Really simple easy-to-read recipes for everyone.

Generations of Homestyle RecipesGenerations of Homestyle Recipes (e-book)

Download: $5.00

A book I acquired and have digitally reconstructed to produce in an easy to read manner, choc full of traditional homestyle recipes, including for Thanksgiving, Christmas and all major holidays and festivities.

The Comprehensive Guide to Basket Weaving & Techniques for Beginners to ExpertsThe Comprehensive Guide to Basket Weaving & Techniques for Beginners to Experts (e-book)

Download: $6.95

An attractive, comprehensive & illustrated manual on basket weaving, with easy to understand instructions for beginners to experts, basketweaving terms and techniques, How to Assemble a Basket Maker’s Tool Kit, a glossary and of course loads of illustrated craft patterns for the more advanced. We’re not just talking veggie baskets here… There are Notepad holders, Easter baskets, Christmas baskets and a list of references at the end of the book that offer free basket weaving patterns and subscriptions.

South Africa : The Old & The New – Activity Book for Grades 3-5South Africa : The Old & The New – Activity Book for Grades 3-5 (e-book)

Download: $14.99

Comprehensive, fun illlustrated curriculum related activity book for Grades 3 to 5, focusing on South Africa, the Old and the New, including Heads of State, Old & New flags, National Emblems, Coats of Arms, Big 5, the 9 Provinces. Includes backline maps, National Monuments, places of interest, heritage sites, languages, cultures and notebooking pages. This unit although not designed for use in S African schools contains all the information and more that the curriculum currently contains. Fun activities hold your child’s interest while they learn.

Thanksgiving, Everything You Need to Know & MoreThanksgiving, Everything You Need to Know & More (e-book)

Download: $14.99

An indispensible comprehensive guide to planning and hosting the most successful & memorable Thanksgiving celebration covering every single aspect down to last minute preparations. This book does it all for you! Includes whether or not to host an adults’or kids’ only function, formal or informal celebration, table seating arrangements, laying the perfect Thanksgiving table,invitations,planning, budgets, including hosts of traditional Thanksgiving recipes. A beautifully illustrated How-To on how to carve a turkey/chicken. Includes a full vegan menu with the yummiest deserts and puddings. A few variations on pumpkin pie (& many other delicious pies and sauces)are included. Simple crafts are included with easy to follow instructions. Planning, budget, invitation lists, food and drink requirements, name & place cards, a formal invitation & menu are included. Truly a book worth keeping which you will refer to time and time again & one which your guests would love to receive as a gift!

Little Learners, Handwriting & Tracing BookLittle Learners, Handwriting & Tracing Book (e-book)

Download: $7.49

Fun illustrated book in 7 Parts, focusing on alphabet handwriting practice. Each letter of the alphabet is presented in 6 different handwriting & tracing fonts, with small colour images to enhance picture/letter recognition and association. Blank pages with various size lines, from beginner to more advanced are included, as well as a number of standard handwriting practice activities, all aimed at enhancing the very important fine motor activity in early learning. Helpful activities for autistic children. Ideal in developing Fine Motor Skills. Can be sub-divided into 7 booklets depending on the skill of the learner.

omeschooling From The Heart
Homeschooling From The Heart (e-book)

Download: $9.99

A detailed but user-friendly guide for parents and educators on homeschooling in South Africa and abroad, focusing on the legalities and requirements, preparation, course material, record keeping, curriculum and the various methods of homeschooling and unschooling, including that for disabled learners. Included also are planners and logs for record-keeping.

African Animals, The AardvarkAfrican Animals, The Aardvark (e-book)

Download: $4.95

A factual and informative fun activity book. Includes wordsearch, crossword,worksheets, activities, notebooking pages, teaching lessons, ideas and plans and a fun facts quiz. Can be adapted for younger or older children by simply printing out the age appropriate activity pages.

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