Searching for My Daughter – 02 December 2008

Well 4 p.m. has come and gone and she – she being my perfect gift from God, my beautiful daughter Jess, who is really too small to be travelling without her mum – she’s only 21 – was supposed to touch down at Cape Town International Airport from Dubai this afternoon and erm…. *screaming*

WHERE’S MY DAUGHTER?????????????????

Now this may not be too stressfull to too many people but I have not seen my baby since I was in UAE in May and since every day without her is like a year knowing she is in the same country but I cannot contact her is driving me insane.. *bangs head against the padded wall of my cell*

Oh my precious I hope your flight was safe and uneventful and I shall stalk Storman now on Facebook to find out where in Caoe Town he is hiding you!!!!

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