How to Make Homemade Christmas Ornaments

How to Create Homemade Christmas Ornaments

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Christmas is a busy time of year, but it is also a very special time for families. The magic of Christmas comes alive when you decorate your house. The Christmas tree has become a universal symbol of the Christmas Holiday. Make this Christmas special by taking time with your family to create precious homemade ornaments that will last for years to come. So many Christmas memories from my youth focus on the days when my Mom would let us make our own ornaments to make our tree both beautiful and very unique. With the realization of our society in a constant struggle for making more times for our families, I have put together a few simple holiday ornament ideas that will make your tree special, and give your kids some fun ideas to do over the holiday vacation.


  1. Make the following ideas for Christmas:
    • Crayon Ornaments (ages 3-6) Purchase inexpensive crayons. With craft glue, place a thin bead of glue along the side of the crayon. Repeat with two or four more crayons. Bunch crayons together, secure with colorful satin ribbon. Use a loop of the same ribbon and glue to provide a hanger for your colorful ornament. What a treat a splash of color to the tree and something the youngest of children can do.
    • Strawberry Ornament (ages 5-12) Take two walnuts, using craft paint cover nut completely with bright red paint. When the paint is dry using a marker or fine point brush make small black dots all over walnut. Cut a four-point star from a 1.5-inch square of green felt. Glue a loop of craft ribbon to the top of walnut, then secure green felt star over the top of walnut. This will make your tree look oh so festive.
    • Easy wire Candy Cane (ages 4-12)Using four to five inches of white pipe cleaner and red and white colored ¼”craft beads, alternately string two white then one red bead on the length of the wire. Secure ends by wrapping extra pipe cleaner around and back into closest bead. Bend the pipe cleaner to form Shepard’s hook shape. You can also make wreaths with green pipe cleaners and green and red beads. This simple craft will help develop motor skills and pattern recognition for young children while they make your tree look spectacular.


  • How can you make time for this? Our lives get so busy. Choosing a tree and setting up the tree can be time consuming. Consider purchasing a pre-lit artificial tree. Many children and adults suffer from allergies. Artificial trees are constructed from tough poly vinyl plastics and are non allergenic. These trees are clean and safe; they will not dry out and are flame retardant. You will save time not having to untangle light strands and wrapping lights. This can make a little extra time to do these Christmas crafts. Children will treasure the time you spend decorating your tree. Their pride in making your tree special will provide lasting memories.

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