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A fantatic list put together by Parentwonder – these are just a few of the vast library!

General Parenting Tips

1. Speaking So Kids Will Listen – 25 simple ways to get your message across to kids – By Michael Grose. Ever said this to your kid: “I have told you a million times can you just turn that TV down!” If so, this ebook will show you a better to get cooperation from kids without saying this. Plus other great tips like building confidence and self-esteem in children, talking about sex, drug and violence, and more. PDF file. 18 pages.

2. Raising Children Network: Make a Book – You can select and make your own books. Select from various stages of development and individual chapters, then the book appears as you requested. Very cool! However, only Baby & Child Books available now:

  • Newborns (0-3 months) – Essential information on caring for a newborn baby
  • Babies (3-12 months) – What to expect during the sitting and crawling phase
  • Toddlers (1-3 years) – A guide to parenting when your child discovers her own two feet
  • Preschoolers (3-5 years) – The basics on helping your child thrive during the preschool years
  • School age (5-8 years) – Essential information to help your child make the most of the early school years

3. Backpack Buddies Fact Sheet Index – By Ohio State University Extension. PDF files. Topics include:


  • Get Off To a Good Start
  • Nurturing Your Child’s Self-Esteem
  • Helping Your Child Succeed In School
  • Holiday Stress Busters for Big and Little People
  • Discipline and Your Child
  • Nutrition and Fitness
  • Reading Skills and Journal-Keeping
  • Caution–Is Your Home Safe?
  • Summer Activities for Fun and Learning

First Grade:

  • Dealing With Morning Madness
  • Understanding Sibling Rivarly
  • Good Study Habits and Homework
  • Holidays–What A Great Time!
  • Keeping Our Children Safe
  • Setting Limits with Your Children
  • Nutritious Food For Cool Kids
  • Children’s Friendships
  • Fun Summer Time Activities and Games

4. Monitoring your child’s growth and development – A quick run down of what to monitor from birth to 4 years old. PDF file. 3 pages.

5. The Bully – Make Sure Your Child Knows How to Handle Bullies – An interactive book with nice pictures on what to do for bully victims and parents. A bully quiz for children as well as for parents and educators. EXE file. 46 pages.

6. Tantrums – By Parenting SA. What parents can do when tantrums happen? Big and small. PDF file. 4 pages.

7. Understanding Children: Disciplining your preschooler – By Iowa State University. This books discusses topics like what a toddler wants, communicating with a toddler, time-out and spanking. PDF file. 4 pages.

8. Understanding Children: Sibling Rivalry – By Iowa State University. 9 awesome tips on handling conflict between siblings. One of the tips is to leave your kids alone and let them work it out for themselves. PDF file. 4 pages.

9. Discipline: Help your children develop feelings of self-esteem – By New Mexico State University. “Children develop feelings of self-esteem, competence, independence, cooperation and responsibility when they grow up with guidelines. Two effective ways to discipline children and create sensible guidelines are through rewards and punishment.” The ebook includes ten rules of discipline and how to handle parenting differences. PDF file. 4 pages.

10. How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night
– By Permanente Medical Group. 4 strategies on getting your baby to sleep uninterrupted and its pros and cons respectively. PDF file. 4 pages.

11. Balance Your Life: The Complete Guide to Managing Work and Family – By Golden Goose Ventures. From the page: How would you like to get control of your life? Stop working those 80 hour weeks. Get to know your family again. Get some FUN and FREE TIME into your life. Excellent advice. PDF file. 51 pages.

12. The Kids Are Driving Me Crazy – By Lisa Barker. An ebook excerpt from Just Because Your Kids Drive You Insane…Doesn’t Mean You Are A Bad Parent! Not quite a how-to book but a funny tale of how kids can really mess things up and challenges a mother faces. Lisa has a great sense of humor. PDF file. 60 pages.

Dance in our footseps DVD – Dzagbe Cudjoe,

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In this DVD –

Learning some traditional dances in the Northern Region of Ghana.
Further details;

Dance in Our Footsteps – A fun DVD introduction to African dance

African dance is the perfect antidote to stress and that down-in-the-dumps feeling. Give yourself a tonic which leaves your mind, body and spirit feeling refreshed and invigorated. Dance to the exhilarating rhythms of Africa.

This DVD Dance Video offers a demonstration of the featured dances. It is not intended as a conventional instructional product. Enjoy yourself while experiencing the de-stressing and pleasurable effects of African dance. Try and copy the dancers if you wish or just use their movements and the music to inspire you to create your own authentic, original dance. But most importantly have fun and if possible have a party at the same time.

Free Parenting eBooks

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The following eBooks are provided free of charge for your information and
reference. Please note that the content of the eBooks does not necessarily
reflect my own personal views, and my providing the eBooks does not
necessarily indicate an endorsement to the author of the publication, their
affiliated websites, or the contents thereof. This page will be updated regularly
as new publications become available.


Top 20 WordPress Plug-ing

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I was reading Alvin’s Blog at and was reading one of his blog articles entitled:

The Top 20 WordPress Plugins

Which I thought You May Find It Useful For You Too.  Well worth making a visit for this and all the other absolutely awesome information you can get…

Check Out This Blogger, He Made 6 Figures Online!

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I was reading Alvin’s Blog at and was reading one of his blog articles entitled:

This Will Be My Last Cheque From Clickbank

Which I thought Very Useful if you’re new to marketing.  Alvin’s blog has some superb information and free download eBooks that will answer everyone’s questions.  I’m a clickbank affiliate and I didn’t know that they did direct deposits lol…  mind you that might be because they don’t do it in South Africa. 😦

Well worth a read.

An Introduction to Author Homayun Ahmadi

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Dr. Homayun Ahmadi is a medical doctor married with a family of five. He qualified in medicine 15 years ago and practiced in both Afghanistan and Pakistan before arriving to Australia in July 2003.

A conscientious worker and humanist Dr. Ahmadi`s work and service is focused on helping those with the greatest needs either in health or social field .In this respect he become a member of the Afghan Human Rights Organization & Environmental Protection .

He worked with Rural Development of Maihen (RDM) as a facilitator / lecturer in Teacher Training Workshops. He became a member of the Drug Awareness Program for Afghan Refugee.

He extended his writing when he was in Pakistan. In early 2003, he was elected as an assistant manager of Tanwer Newspaper by the staff committees of this publishing organization.

He has worked with IRC/ PARP, RDM, ACF, MSF and ERU as a medical coordinator and programme supervisor for more then two years.

As a result of frequent requestd from the medical faculty, he commenced lecturing on internal diseases for the students at the University of Balkh. His warm personality, sense of humour and great kindness convinced the government to select him as a chief of the Medical Faculty.

In addition Dr. Ahmadi has had interests in sports and he has trained in Martial Arts. He trained many people in this area and encouraged the younger generation to engage in sport .He has also authored 20 books, transcribed into in many languages about health, sports, social and religious matters.

Dr Ahmadi’s latest publication The Value of Peace in Human Rights has been published by Eloquent Books.  To read more click on the image.

The Right Estimation TRE

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Hallo Everybody

I am sending you this e-mail to let you know that I have stated a new website that can be found at The purpose of the site is to give you some insight into what is happening in the part of South Africa where I am involved.

You receive this mail either because you are a friend or we have had communication with regards to Plumbline Ministries Material (Arthur Burk) in South Africa.

If you have Glory Stories or other insights to share, please send it to me. It can be in either English or Afrikaans.

If you have friends who you believe could benefit from visiting the site, please also let them know.
Please note that the website is a work in progress, just like I am, so if you think something is not perfect, it probably isn’t.
If you do not receive this e-mail, please let me know as soon as possible.

Thank you


The Right Estimation (TRE)
Tel. no: 012 664 0710
Fax. no.: 0866892624
Cell.: 083 384 0549 (Niell)
Cell.: 083 290 6392 (Marie)
E-mail: (Niell)
E-mail: (Marie)
Postal Address: PO Box 14253, Lyttleton, 0140

For more information on Arthur Burk or Plumbline Ministries see:
If you have any specific questions with regards to Arthur’s plans or teachings, or would like to share your glory stories or dreams with him, I encourage you to use the “contact us” button on the Plumbline Ministries website above.

Stealing Public Domain Material? Don’t assume anything!! Check your facts.

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Am I the only one who is constantly wide-eyed and open-mouthed at the sheer audacity of some webbies?  Once again Public Domain material rears its head – and so too do the ill-informed people who claim to have ownership of such material or alternatively slam those hardworking folk who do actually take the time and make the effort to create something worthwhile and marketable out of otherwise defunct PD material.
Point in case : Basket Weaving Book (now voluntarily retired pending investigation by author). This is what the webmistress at www.countryweaving had to say – without investigation, reference or consultation – without making any enquiries whatsoever (tut! tut!):
“Dear Readers,
I would like to bring an issue to your attention in the hopes that no one is deceived. Susi Nuss found an e-book (The Comprehensive Guide to Basket Weaving & Techniques for Beginners to Experts by Donnette E Davis) & brought it to our attention because the cover of the book was copied directly from the design of our website. It looked “a bit too familiar”. I realized that the “author” also copied the basket picture on the cover directly from a free pattern on our website. We purchased a copy of this e-book to verify that the content was indeed from our site. Along with content copied & pasted from our site, content was copied from Susi’s site as well as GH Production’s website. Susi searched & documented much more stolen content.
This “author” claims to have received permission. This is not true. None, of the above mentioned, gave her permission to reproduce their information for resale & profit. This is a direct violation of copyright law. Unfortunately, she is based in South Africa. Not much that we can do directly. We did immediately contact the self-publishing website that was selling this e-book. They promptly removed it & refunded our money. There were many patterns included which may lure buyers. However most, if not all of the patterns seem to be or are known to be free patterns available on-line. To charge money for this information is also ethically wrong. All a weaver needs to do is search on “free basket patterns” or other such terms to find many, many free patterns on-line.
One more e-book that needs to be mentioned is called
Basket Making Made Easy. This e-book is often sold under the same title by different “authors”. The web page reads like a TV infomercial, telling you how much money there is to be made by making baskets, how easy it is, etc., etc.
This e-book is also very poorly put together with only about 2 basic patterns that again are free on-line patterns. This e-book is mostly text &/or one picture taking up an entire page. Most of the book is devoted to defining terms & text describing the different styles of baskets (such as a picnic basket & potato basket). All of this is information that my be gleaned by basic internet searches.
These are the facts:
  1. Public domain material may be sourced and utilised without almost any restrictions whatsoever, for whatever purpose, for sale and/or profit etc etc.
  2. Making related enquiries over the internet on a specific subject, if one quotes the source is not “stealing” information.  It is simply boosting the source of the information by corroboration.  What on earth is a Bibliography if not REFERENCE and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT?
  3. Purchasing (or acquiring) PLR material similarly to Public Domain material, gives the acquirer carte blanche to do with the material what they will.  They can claim authorship, ownership, re-hash, re-work, sell, give it away, include it in another production, package it – simply put, they can do whatever the heck they like with it.
  4. If someone is going to go out on a limb and publicly make derogatory and defamatory statements such as has been done, one would assume that they would check their facts first – items mentioned in this above article were NOT included in the ebook in question – no templates were utilised whatsoever.  One would wonder if indeed they were looking at the books (and authors) they were slating!
  5. Not only slating the authors is highly defamatory and opening oneself up to litigation, particularly since no investigation, representation or enquiries were made (I know this for a fact) but stating that a major publishing organisation “pulled” the item when it is NOT the case is providing incorrect information on the Publisher.  Again one wonders at the ignorance, lack of decorum, poor public relations and sheer lack of insight of some people!  Do NOT make statements that are factually incorrect and can be proven to be so.  More specifically do NOT make them publicly where the information can be stored and used to present a case against you!  ALWAYS be sure of your facts before making such bold statements that could significantly turn around and bite you in the bum.
  6. Basket Making Made Easy is a delightful little book available on a few sites, most notably on for an extremely reasonable price.  It is authored by Mohamed Fowroj.
  7. eBooks can freely be found on any number of thousands of websites.  Some examples of really exceptional and high ranking websites with literally thousands if not hundreds of thousands of ebooks and PLR articles and bundles are :
and so the list goes on.
5.    Not all ebooks you find in the public domain or with PLR are full “ebooks” so to speak.  Some, particularly craft books etc. are generally simply PDF documents with no frills and no fuss, no source or reference and comprise of only a few pages.  Many man hours are spent in extracting that information and placing it into another format, after which corroboration is sought so that at the end of the day the creator of this new material is satisfied that he or she has researched as best as possible and will be providing a document of almost unquestionable standards.
6.  Another fact which will jump up and hit people in the face like a wet fish is the fact that simply because you have acquired PLR articles, books or software, and/or public domain software/books or articles, does not authomatically give you the right of ownership and the right to slate anyone else who happens to have the same or similar material.  There are hundreds of millions of internet users out there – not all with the same interests sure, but many of whom have an interest in earning a living from writing or creating books from public domain material and PLR material.  This, simply put to the uninitiated, means that the same package you or I can get for free on is also available to million of others!!  It does not mean because you and I have the package that we have exclusive rights to the material.  What it means is that it is public domain – anyone can have it and anyone can use it, modify it, sell it and share it.  Simple.  Case closed!
Now we ask the question, if one acquires PLR or PD material either by receiving for free or purchasing it, how does one establish whether or not there is a copyright infringement if one is not the original “author” of the document?  Well the simple answer is one cannot – unless one has looked at every single webpage and book on the particular topic.  What one can do and more often than not does do, is seek corroboration from related websites on the PLR material they have already acquired.  Then places the references into the new “work”.  This boosts the referred-to website and hopefully provides some traffic to them for supplying the corroborating information or tips, links, resources… etc etc etc
One would hope that any suspected copyright infringement is pointed out to the author of the final product and that investigations are undertaken BEFORE making unfounded and serious allegations about “theft”, “copyright infringement” etc, whilst in the same sentence making reference to public domain material used in the same production.  All this does is open up an individual or individuals to potential legal arbitration.
The correct and proper thing to do would be to point out to the author that you believe some of the material to be copyrighted and enquiring where the material was obtained from initially, thus giving the author the opportunity to perhaps revert to his her source of the information and make the same enquiries.  After all the only one who is out on a limb here is the poor author who has relied on internet marketing for his source of products and who has, in many cases, paid for such information.
And may I state upfront that the sites mentioned above are well known, reputable sites and 100% above board.  I would highly recommend anyone to each and every one of those sites.  They don’t write the material either – they simply also “acquire” it.
For copyright laws and information the following sites are immensely useful.  I would suggest one makes a copy of each of the copyright laws pertaining to GNU Free Documentation, Fair Use, Public Domain, Creative Commons etc. Wikipedia is a great source of information – so too is Wiki-How – another site providing free information which can be utilised providing one cites the source… STEALING that very same information after citing the source????  uh-uh! I don’t think so!  They format it in HTML for inclusion on a website.
Wake up you folk who stand on your soap boxes terrified you will lose a sale because you have a bit of competition.  It really is time to stop worrying about what other people are doing and get on with your own things.  If you suspect some material of yours has been utilised without your knowledge, confront the “user” in a polite manner – give the “user” the benefit of the doubt.  You don’t have a clue what you are up against or why or where the document was acquired!  If the user is genuine in his or her dealings he will remove the offending information from the document – in some cases remove the document altogether.  This is particular also in cases where images are said to be copyrighted.
I have a standard paragraph in the majority of my books which states:

A variety of clipart resources have been used, most notably Green Label Clipart Collection (Purchased) Microsoft Clipart Collections, Wikipedia, Public Domain images and my own personal collection of PD images purchased and collected over the years. Copyright free images were also sourced through Google. Some of the resources I have obtained via websites over the years and do not have details of the origins thereof. Should you come across any of the artwork in this document that has not been credited appropriately, and know of the origins, kindly let me know in order that I may post the relevant credits and thanks. No copyright infringement is intended in any manner whatsoever.

Another standard paragraph in the majority of PD-based books:

While the contents of this package are in the public domain we have spent many man hours compiling this unit and therefore hold the Compilation Copyright to this Collection. Additionally while you can copy the content of Public Domain material which is freely available, the format, layout, design and images and graphic content, including web pages, i.e. the unit, remains the sole property of Donnette E Davis and/or St Aiden’s Homeschool and/or her/its duly appointed agents.

(In most cases the clipart, if not public domain, even licensed or purchased, remains the sole property of the owner)

Uh!  Hello!!! This tells me something!!  The fact that a document or an image is removed due to suspected copyright violation (not intentionally or specifically by the author, publisher or creator) shows the author, publisher or creator of such work to be above board in his or her dealings and has a genuine lack of knowledge of the source but will remedy any infringement or suspected infringement immediately!  This shows the integrity of an author, publisher or creator who has high ethical standards.  If a webbie  has – for reasons best known to him or herself – a difficulty with visitors to their site utilising information from the site or conducting research based on the information on their site, said webbie being a so-called “expert”, I would suggest you quit being a webbie or alternatively do some homework and realise that visitors to your website are what keeps the site going!
To go off on a tangent because the so-called “expert” has a little competition from an “un-expert” (okay so I know there is no such word) smacks purely of a desperate (and pathetic) attempt to discredit both the creator of a work, and the work itself, in the hope of generating a little sympathy – and possibly a few more sales for the so-called “expert”.  If such “expert” wants to write a book review on the work created, by all means feel free to do so – it is a free world and freedom of speech is allowed – and in fact encouraged – but do it in the correct forum – not a newsletter in the hope of mustering up some support.  Try to remain calm and professional in your online dealings.  You’re not going to make any friends or generate permanent traffic by slandering fellow webbies because you fear competition.  The internet world is a huge place with billions of resources for millions of people, some questionable, some above-board.  Be that as it may, I know where I got my information from.  Do you?

ALL ABOUT ME – Bio of Steven Hyperspecial Whyte BETTER DAYS

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ALL ABOUT ME – Bio of Steven Hyperspecial Whyte BETTER DAYS

ALL ABOUT ME…. For Friends, fans and Better days family

Steven Whyte

Many people know what I do now but do not know how it all came about, I did not always have the things I have today it was a process of hard work, commitment and passion. I have a lot of people ask about my life so I thought it would be a great idea to share this BIOGRAPHY with you … enjoy…

Steven Whyte (Hyperspecial) is a highly successful, inspirational being who has encouraged and inspired many internationally with his gifts of speech, music and writing. He is CEO of Hyproducer Productions© and founder of the “Better Days™” project which is the most positive tool to come out of the pool of young British musicians, artists and performers.
For over 11 years Steven (Hyper) has been creating music, writing wise words and sharing his factual findings on positivity. A modest but well known man, who has helped, entertained and uplifted thousands of people young to old. Married with children the positivity begins at home from the Bible and hunger to be Christ like. A mother and sibling who helped keep him on the correct route in life by expressing love, discipline and Christian teachings explains a lot of his current success. Born in 1986 and raised in London, England the journey began at birth and is still in progress to this day and always will be.
The journey is towards “Better Days™.”

Steven Whyte (Hyperspecial) is a singer, song-writer, producer, musician, author, and a optimist. He has always had a strong passion for music from trying to mix cassette tapes when he was a young child to making his first ever song over a decade ago on a Playstation console. From reading, studying, developing, acting, devoting, investing, producing, singing and writing, his main goal was to always improve and help many in the process.
He started the movement in 2002 performing in exotic Negril Jamaica, on return joined and loved to be part of community shows. At the age of 15 he recorded his first album “YOU CANT STEP TO THIS” which was all a learning procedure that would effectively benefit his as proven today by his great qualities. One year later he began a new project as he had seen the drastic improvements that needed to be made to get the respect he has today. The feedback he received from his second album “THIS 1’s FOR YOU” 2003 was good but Hyper still believed he had a lot more to show and that much more people could be helped in the process.

With his tenacious attitude “8 STEPS CLOSER” came next 2007 with a huge 4 year gap in between albums due to studying and working to gain experience in other areas. Many people doubted him but reviews say the albums great, nominated (MM Midnight Madness UK unsigned Album 2007), toured throughout Europe and well received, this album was really an insight into the artist life himself. Hyper began working independently from a young age and has developed and excelled to a professional level. He is trying to establish an appreciation for his music and work all over the world, but most of all touch people with positivity.

In 2008 “BETTER DAYS PART 1” came next, this album was the audio of the project BETTER DAYS which today has many followers and has and is inspiring many from all age groups internationally.
He has really expanded the project by writing encouraging notes, music, magazine, book, and counselling people one to one.
He has a heart of LOVE and a passion for sharing it, an aspiration to use it and a desire to multiply it. He has a willingness to both learn and teach during the activity of life and will not stop until….

Better Days CEO
Steven Whyte

Valentine’s Day Facts & Trivia :)

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