I’m Learning About Shapes eBook (Preschool to Gr 1) Now Available

I’m Learning About Shapes – Teaching & Student Resources for Preschool through Grade 1

This fun and colourful book contains useful teacher/student activities, lesson ideas and tips. It is suitable for teaching Preschoolers through to Grade 1 about the basic shapes, shape recognition, identification and spelling.

Clipart utilised is purchased from Green Label Clipart, and also public domain images.

You may preview the entire book in the Currclick Flash Programme:)

The book is written in UK English and in A4 format. Please adjust your printer settings when printing.

Included in the book are: * Teaching Ideas & Lesson Plans

* Finger & Activity Plays

* “Teaching Shape” songs & Rhymes

* Cut & Place Shadow Activities *I’m Learning Shapes Activities

o Square

o Circle

o Oval

o Heart

o Star

o Rectangle

o Triangle

o Cube

* Flash Cards / Word Wall

* Shape / Shadow Matching Activities

* Shape recipes

* Shape Games

* Shapes Bingo

This book will aid your child in developing basic shape/colour recognition skills, and the crafts & activities assists with the development of motor and critical thinking skills.

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