I’m Learning About Colours (Preschool through Gr 1) Now Available

This book (in 2 parts for ease of downloading) is a fun and colourful resource for both teacher/parent and student/child which has its focus on teaching children the concept of basic colours.  It is suitable for both preschool-age children and First Grade but can easily be adapted to older or younger children.

The exercises contained in the book will keep your little ones entertaned for hours, and the games no doubt will have Mum very involved too 🙂  The book is compiled in A4 format and is created in UK English.

Thw Whole of Part 1 may be previewed in Currclick’s Flash Preview Programme.

Includes inter alia :

  • Teaching Tips, Ideas & Lesson Plans
  • Vocabulary Cards
  • Finger & Activity Plays
  • “Teaching Colour” Songs, Poems & Rhymes
  • I’m Learning Colours Activities
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Black
    • Brown
    • Yellow
    • Purple
    • Rainbow
    • Gold
  • Flash Cards / Word Wall
  • Colour Matching Activities
  • Colour Games
  • Colour Bingo
  • Colour Fishing Game
  • Rainbow Activities
  • What’s the Word?
  • Colour Match Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Colour Song A4 posters

SAFETY NOTICE : Please ensure that adequate safety precautions are observed whilst your child is in the kitchen or working with heat, sharp or small objects.

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