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I could actually make this post a one liner – because I love books. But this is a question I often ask myself about other people in regard to their own professions and career choices. Why do they do that job?

I started off writing a book of my own. From a very early age I dreamed of being an author. Through the years I attempted to start many books, but the ideas just wouldn’t unfold into something substantial. Eventually I took the age old advise, “Write about yourself”, and so I did. Having studied Magick and various religions, and having practiced these Artes for many years, I thought it about time I started to share my learning and insights with everyone else. From there a book developed, and I am busy with the next one in that series (there’s way too much knowledge out there and I only have a pin-prick of it, but enough to fill a few books with).

Once my book was written, I needed to find some way of getting it into print. Every turn I made came up with the same option, pay lots of money which I didn’t have. Trying to look after a family, albeit with the help of my loving and supportive wife, is not an easy job, and so to try and find the money to pay someone to publish me was not going to happen. But I chose not to give up. I eventually looked at and decided to go with Now this is a brilliant site, and this business of mine has a Lulu Storefront in order to make deliveries to people living outside South Africa a little more cost effective, but there were problems and I was unsettled. Firstly, it was not an easy option for South African’s to buy from Lulu, and anyone from SA going to the site would have immediately decided it wasn’t worth it. Also, I had to pay money (again which I didn’t have), to obtain an ISBN for my book. Although a book doesn’t need an ISBN to be a book, it is something that is required if you wish to sell to bookstores, and besides that, it feels more definite, like you finally have a real book.

So I continued my search. I looked for PoD Publishers that offered the same services as in South Africa, i.e. I do all the work such as writing, editing, proofreading and cover design, and they just sell and print and earn a commission off the sales, but I didn’t find it. The best I found was one publisher who offered PoD Printing for sales, but then charged around R2,500 to publish the book (this included a package of editing and design, something I already had). Finally, about a year after my ongoing quest, I found a PoD printer in South Africa. I sent my book there and got four copies printed, I was elated.

What did this mean? Well, it was obvious to me that I had the printer, I had an ISBN from South Africa (oh, forgot to mention that earlier) and so I was set. It also meant that I could offer the same services that have available to other authors in South Africa. Granted it is on a much smaller scale, and somewhat more personal, but businesses grow if you keep at it, and I like the personal touch. And so Red Path Publications developed into what it is now, and will (I would say I hope, but I am rather determined) develop even further.

Having spoken to a few people about this business it has also come to my attention (actually a confirmation of what I already knew), that the literary world in South Africa is dwindling. This is mostly due to the price of books, but I also suspect it is a cause of so many good authors throughout South Africa who cannot put a foot forward because of publishing or large print run costs. And so they remain in the shadows, the unspoken people who have such a pleasant voice to be heard. It is time we made those voices resound with the power that South African’s have, if only they would once again find the courage to open their mouths.

Here is your courage, make yourself known, and bring South Africa into the light.

From Lee:

I have created a Newsletter, which is actually looking more like an eZine, that will go out every two weeks. It will be full of news pertaining to the happenings at Red Path Publications and the Bookstore, new authors, new books, announcements, articles, etc.

But that’s not all folks *chuckle*. What I am also offering is a free eBook of your choice with every new subscription. The books you can choose from are:

-The Reality of Things by Lee ‘Red Oak’ Johnson
-Hermes Trismegistus – A Collection of Works by Lee ‘Red Oak’ Johnson
-Homeschooling from the Heart by Donnette E. Davis
-Basket Weaving Tips and Techniques by Donnette E. Davis
-The Money Web – Tricks and Tips for Internet Marketing (this book is still being prepared so please allow for a delay in delivery)

To subscribe to the Newsletter and get your free eBook, simply send an email to requesting your subscription and the book of your choosing. But remember, only one per customer.

Thanking you kindly,


RP Publications and Bookstore


Basic Info

So you know what the hell is going on at Red Path Publications, what books have arrived or are soon to arrive, give aways, promotions, etc. etc.

Contact Details

JHB, South Africa

Lee’s Recently Published books include:

The Reality of Things by Lee Johnson (Book) in Religion & Spirituality
The Reality of Things by Lee Johnson (Book) in Religion & Spirituality : The Reality of Things is an exploration into the mind of a Magician and Witch. Lee ‘Red Oak’ Johnson examines many of the things …

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  1. Lee Johnson Says:

    Wow, nice page. Thank you so much Donnette :o)

    • You’re very welcome hun, I like your WP theme – I have a zillion WP templates and don’t have a clue how to use them – they are adsense optimised and so I would like to incorporate them into my blog.. can you help please? Will make the page look a little more “readable” … HELP SHE SCREAMS

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