Global Book Agency, working with Authors and Publishers Internationally

The Global Book Agency

The Global Book Agency is a firm that prides itself on developing personal, highly collaborative relationships with authors and publishers.

“Our mission is to sell your work, period. Our strength is selling your work internationally. Typically we are bringing a non-US author to the US, or bringing a US author to the world.

We work with our client’s strengths to customize smart, strategic media campaigns that position them as newsworthy experts in their field, through frequent print, radio, television, and internet media exposure. Our efforts generate increased book sales, high-value speaking opportunities, and priceless media contacts and relationships that clients can continue to build on.

We value integrity and accountability, and measure our success in terms of results. We have earned a well-deserved reputation among authors and publishers for being the hardest-working team in the business. Few agencies enjoy positive relationships like the ones we’ve built with our authors and their communities.

Our clients receive a level of attention and commitment they won’t get anywhere else. We value personalized service, attention to detail, and most of all, creating magnificent success stories.”

The Global Book Agency is a virtual organization.

Their email is

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