Bookworld, South Africa, Book Signing, Dzagbe Cudjoe – Gem from Ghana

Dzagbe Cudjoe, our “Gem from Ghana” will be in South Africa during February and March on a long-awaited visit to South Africa and she will be conducting an in-house signing of her latest Book “Tales my Ghanaian Grandmother Told me” as well as Dance Your Way to Health – specifically aimed at working with Children with Special Needs on 21 February 2009 at Bookworld, Cascades Centre, Pietermaritzburg.

Bookworld is located at
Shop 10, Cascades Centre, McCarthy Driver, Pietermaritzburg, KZN

Ghana : Tales My Ghanaian Grandmother Told Me

Book Listings and Reviews

Strategic Book Publishing, New York, New York
Dzagbe Cudjoe

A Collection of Four Stories About the Ghanaian People and their Culture

Author Dzagbe Cudjoe writes a series of authentic tales filled with African myth and legend in Tales my Ghanaian Grandmother Told Me. Centered on the Ghanaian people, their cultures and beliefs, these tales are storytelling at its best.

“The Wicked Curse of Nibobobo” is the story of an ill-fated love and the dangerous journey a young man takes to rectify the catastrophic consequences of loving a beautiful village girl.

“Akua’s Foolish Wish” explains the possible origins of a taboo. Akua, a young potter unthinkingly expresses a wish not realizing her power to make it come true.

“Fingers of Fire” explores the legend of mysterious powers held by a young boy. By creating a strange object he and the lives of his family and village are forever changed.

“Journey to the Chest of Gold” is the story of a group of schoolchildren and their teacher using time travel to learn about gold trade in West Africa. What do they learn that threatens their future?

Written with extraordinary vision and creative insight, Cudjoe’s stories capture the essence of a proud people with clarity and a distinct voice that lulls the reader to a culture steeped in mystique, legend, and centuries-old beliefs.

Publisher’s website:

About the Author:
Dzagbe Cudjoe has a Masters of Arts in Ethnology from the University of Munich, Germany. She has worked at the Ghana National Museum & University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Ms. Cudjoe is a member of the World Federation of Healing and works with children with severe physical and / or learning disabilities, using dance and movement therapy to help with rehabilitation. She lives in El Puerto de Santa Maria in Andalusia, Spain. Tales my Ghanaian Grandmother Told Me is her first book.

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Ellen Green —

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dance-to-health :Help Your Special Needs Child


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