Footsteps on the Road to Learning ~ The Alphabet in Rhyme

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Footsteps on the Road to Learning ~ The Alphabet in Rhyme

There are many ways in which to teach your child the alphabet in such a manner that the exercises and activities are fun and effective. We have five sections in this book relating to each letter of the alphabet and the corresponding rhyme i.e. Handwriting tracing, Copywork, Match the Letter, Write the Word and Make Your Own.

In this book I have used an alphabet rhyme and associated the letters and words with pictures. A step further is where your child can practice writing the letters and words by tracing over each verse in the rhyme, followed by training lines for your child to attempt writing by copying the words of the verse, rather than tracing. As with anything the more a child practices the exercise, the more quickly he or she is to respond positively and accurately to picture/word/letter association, all the while reinforcing the letter and word recognition into your child’s memory.

After the tracing and Copywork are a few pages of exercises for each letter of the alphabet. These exercises are punctuated with fun and colourful pictures ideal for the young learner.

The final exercise for each letter is the “Make Your Own” exercises where the child is encouraged to read through newspapers, magazines and books and either cut out and paste pictures or words beginning with a particular letter, or write a word they find beginning with that letter. For this exercise I would encourage parents to print out additional copies of the “Make Your Own” worksheet and ask your child to find other words and pictures and perhaps draw pictures as well. All can be kept in an Alphabet File Folder and as additional activities are introduced to your child, the completed work of art can be placed in the appropriate section in the Alphabet File Folder.

These exercises can be spread over any number of lessons, ideally I would suggest one letter per lesson. Please observe adequate safety precautions when your child is working with heat, small or sharp objects, scissors, glue and/or paste.

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