Free Comprehension & Copywork Books, Aesop’s Fables

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The Wolf & The Kid ~ Comprehension & Copywork

Welcome to our collection of comprehension & copywork  books for early readers. I have sourced public domain material for these books and have adapted and digitally reconstructed them to fulfil the purpose of these books.

Probably the single most important aspect of your child’s early academic development is learning to read and acquiring and sustaining a love of reading. Of course any child’s interest needs to be perked in order for them to want to read and read and read and slowly progress from simple books with large illustrations and words to longer books with fewer illustrations and smaller words. The journey to a love of reading is rarely accomplished overnight, but once you have reached that destination, a whole new world will open up for your child where he or she can visit places only dreamed about, live in that beautiful castle, become friends with the fairies and take a safari trip to Africa, perhaps even journey to the centre of the earth!

At the end of this story you will find notes for discussion and comprehension questions. In groups 1, 2 and 3 I have no doubt that your child will require some assistance in understanding the questions. This is where I encourage fun interaction between educator and learner. It may be so that you will need to record their answers and suggestions on the pages required. This subtle exercise will go far to show you in a year or less how far your child has progressed and where his or her interests lie and to enhance and encourage a love of reading. Positive interaction between you and your child will make this a fun learning experience as he or she watches you do your “homework”. Who said homeschooling isn’t hands on? J

You will be able to decide which questions and discussion points are appropriate for your child. The purpose of this exercise is to establish the understanding of the story and the concept and to enhance concentration, listening and reading skills.

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